Home News This draw is not very lively. Lottery fans to buy, but “famous numbers” and “lucky numbers” are the rest.

This draw is not very lively. Lottery fans to buy, but “famous numbers” and “lucky numbers” are the rest.

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31 May 2021 18:15

Lottery sales people complain this draw is not busy. Lottery necks tighten belts during COVID period Buy, but lottery “Loud number“The panel is completely exhausted to win the fortune, the 1/6/64 draw. “Lucky number“There are still a lot of other things left.

On May 31, 2021, the reporter reported. The atmosphere of government lottery trading for the daily installment June 1, 2021 at the front of Krung Thai Bank, Chai Nat branch in Chai Nat. Not so busy But there were people and lottery fans who came out to buy their favorite numbers continuously. Because it is the last curve before the prize draw Which even though there is only one day left before the prize draws, but the lottery is still holding over half Because lottery necks tightened belts during the crisis of the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore came to buy only the number that I want to buy two pieces of each

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While in this period The trend of numbers that is so strong is the number 29, it is the 29th anniversary number, Phum Phuang Moon, and also corresponds to the 29th anniversary number of Black May as well.Other numbers that are good as well are 03, 30, 13, making the series The aforementioned sold well until the panel was finished. As for those who cannot find Must buy another number to win prizes instead

However, the number of lottery merchants in 5 regions are shared together, LK 22, 57 is the 7-year anniversary of the coup and the number 26 is the Vesak Day number, while the number 348, 43, 34, 48 is one river number 215. , 15 is a number in front of Khao Yai Godfather, and 20, 23, 12 is a famous Tangguay number.

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