This evening, December 14, invites you to watch the “Geminids Meteor Shower”.

This evening, December 14, invites you to watch the “Geminids Meteor Shower” and pin 3 main points to watch the stars with Dr.

National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) (Dr.) The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Wor.) revealed that on the night of December 14, 2022, the observation of the “Geminid Meteor Shower” phenomenon began from about 20: 00 Oct up to 150 drops per hour can be seen with the naked eye in all parts of Thailand in complete darkness Prepare to organize observations in the Dark Sky Conservation Area at Huai Lan Reservoir, San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai Province, and the Observatory in honor of the 7th Anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Bicycle, Nakhon Ratchasima and Chachoengsao.

Mr Suparerk Khaehanon, director of the Center for Academic Services and Astronomical Communication, DR., revealed that between 4-20 December every year. It is during the phenomenon. “Geminids Meteor Shower” or the twin meteor shower There is a center spread around the Twin Stars. For this year, astronomers predict maximum precipitation on the night of December 14, 2022, around 150 moons per hour. That night, the constellation Binary will appear from the eastern horizon around 8:00 pm It can be observed until around 11:00 pm After this time, the meteor shower can still be seen. But the moonlight on the 6th day of the night will be disturbing, so it is not suitable for watching the meteor shower.

The Geminids meteor shower phenomenon It was formed when the Earth broke through a stream of rock and dust left behind by the asteroid 3200 Phaethon as it passed through the inner solar system. when the world travels through that path Earth’s gravity pulls dust and rock into the atmosphere to burn. a flash of light Sometimes a large fireball is called a Fireball.
Mr added For those who are interested in watching the meteor shower phenomenon, they should choose a place where the sky is completely dark without disturbing lights. obvious to the naked eye You don’t need to look through a telescope. It is recommended to sleep Because the meteor shower spreads across the sky For the Geminid meteor shower, the highlight is The speed of the meteor is not that great. In addition, the fall rate is quite high, so it is easy to observe. it can be seen in all directions This is a good opportunity to watch the meteor shower.

DR is preparing to organize “Geminids Meteor Shower” observation activities on the night of December 14, 2022 between 17:00 and 23:00, inviting interested parties to watch the Geminids meteor shower in 3 main observation points: Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima and Chachoengsao.
• Chiang Mai: Dr.Dor together with Ar Tai Municipal Sub-district, San Kamphaeng District, organized an activity “Windsurfing, cooling, sleeping and counting stars, Geminid Meteor Shower” at Huai Lan Reservoir, Ar Tai Sub-district, San Kamphaeng District , Chiang Mai Province, around the area, the reservoir area is quite dark. without disturbing light It is ideal for observing meteor showers. At the event, there were interesting activities such as gazing at the preliminary stars. Including meteor shower shooting techniques. Viewing celestial objects through a telescope. and sleep counting the meteor shower Register online in advance at For more information on activities, call 088-5477834. Homestay accommodation details (Southern community) Telephone 064-7466377 / 084-9147111 Tent yard details (Forest Office) 083-7142654
• Nakhon Ratchasima : Chaloem Phrakiat 7 Cycles Observatory, Nakhon Ratchasima, inside Suranaree University of Technology, Muang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province Tel. 044-216254
• Chachoengsao : Chaloem Phrakiat Observatory 7th district Chachoengsao Wang Yen Subdistrict, Plaeng Yao District, Chachoengsao Province Tel 038-58939

For the Chaloem Phrakiat 7 Cycles Songkhla Anniversary Observatory, activities cannot be held due to the monsoon season.

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