Home Entertainment This fan, “Luang Pee” arranged for the air conditioner to choose ice, leaving the big guy Sai Pay.

This fan, “Luang Pee” arranged for the air conditioner to choose ice, leaving the big guy Sai Pay.

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This fan, “Luang Pee” arranged for the air conditioner to choose ice, leaving the big guy Sai Pay.

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The beautiful bride Air Pantila Fuklin joined the event “Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale” at Center Point Entertainment Studio 3, Soi Lasalle 1. During the break, the actress opened up about her boyfriend Ice Rush. Chasit, who recently proposed marriage in America.

This man came because of a monk too, right? “There are a lot of people. I have to say that at that time the air conditioner was very confused. I feel that we don’t want to be in a relationship with 2 people, single for more than 3 years. Suddenly, 2 people come in at the same time, we don’t know what to do.

one is older We feel that older people are more serious and more suited to us. Because Ice is 4 years younger than Air, we feel that the child is not worth it. He still works. Finally, we decided to pay respect to the monk.

Suddenly, I wanted to go to make offerings and the Aeron took me to see the two monks because at that time I was confused and didn’t know which one to choose. but go each day The guy at first didn’t know. But now all the country is known I’m sorry (raising hands to bow) for secretly taking me to check.”

Do I have to inform the monks first? “When taking the first one, don’t tell him, but if the second one goes, you’ll have to let him know. Reverend Father, this one is for each person. I will be eh So what did you say?”

Do you want to tie your luck? “He didn’t watch anything. He didn’t look at the date of birth at all. But this Luang Phor saw from the face. Then he said that this person was this person, and that he was not, and then he said that this person could take care of it.”

But people older than him pay a lot. Heard that we will leave the industry and give us a salary? “To stay at home and give 2 million per month is really basic air conditioner as a worker if I can do my job. I want to have self-worth in my work. Don’t have to say that you stopped working and I’ll give you the money.

And if one day you leave me So how do I get started with this idea too? with his different ways of speaking The air conditioner didn’t really believe that it would. And the air conditioner is so diligent Everything works like this Air conditioners take good care of themselves as well.”

Money can’t buy me? “If it’s not enough (laughs), say 40 million, I’ll go (laughs).”

This time was successful with love. Because it hurt a lot in the past? “Air doesn’t know because right now it’s just the beginning. Air can’t tell how successful or beautiful it will be. But today the air conditioner feels beautiful. Air conditioners are happy with this society where air conditioners stay with their friends and girlfriends, like being surrounded by people who love us. Just like this, the air conditioner is very happy. I want it to be beautiful like this forever.”

Called this love, the monk provided? “That’s right”

When is the wedding ceremony? “Let’s talk in the middle of next year onwards. It’s a very wide conversation. I haven’t seen any auspicious time.”

Will you go to see the auspicious occasion with the same old monk? “We have to check again which Luang Phor is good at which side. Maybe not the original Reverend We are still not real Or maybe let your parents help each other look at it again.”

Can a friend help arrange the wedding? “Aer said it would have to have Khun Dew and Bael because he knew what the air conditioner liked. He should be able to help you figure it out, but we’re probably going to go into the deepest detail.”

This trip ends the trip is not very beautiful. Got hit by a car? “So thrilling, it was something everyone warned. hear all the time Everyone told me not to put anything in the car. because otherwise the item will be lost. we always hear I never left anything behind. The only San Fran that everyone warned about. We carry our handbags all the time.

Until that day was time left, so I went to the outlet to buy things for the team. bought a lot It turns out that when I go to the outlet is finished. We have an appointment to eat at a reserved restaurant. I thought that in the back of the car there wouldn’t be a problem. The bag is only black. There is a surveillance camera right here. take only the handbag The shopping bags that we bought won’t be lost. Thinking like this, it appears that when we put things in the car, we walk into the restaurant.

Suddenly my friend ran after me and told me that the car had been smashed. We were hey! just entered the shop Are you telling the truth? friends say it’s true So I shouted to the people in the shop to help me because the car was smashed. As soon as I ran, I saw with my own eyes that there was a thief parked against a rat car. and then smashed the rear window. smashing the side glass Then put his hand into the car and picked up the thing as if thrown into his car. and jumped into the car and closed the door

When I saw it, there was probably 1 driver and 1 thief, but my friend who saw it at first said 3 people came down, the picture caught on, and I yelled at him. is really shocked Because the air conditioner runs alone, doesn’t think of life at all. But I’m not going to fight him. He felt that if he could shock him, he should have gone. He had a shopping bag. It’s the shopping stuff that everyone puts in. Mainly, it’s all mine. The total damage of mice and girlfriends should be almost a hundred thousand.

I didn’t buy anything. As you know, America is a city where things are expensive. we just want stuff A set of shirts for our parents is to say that really I bought a pair of underwear for my teammates. This brand is from America, so I swept it. The thief would be shocked Opened it and found 50-60 underwear and hit it badly.”

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