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With the recent spread of remote work, “Display dedicated to web conferencing“Become,A display device that can be connected to a web conference by itselfHas appeared from each manufacturer.

But to be honest, I thought that such a device had nothing to do with us. A display dedicated to web conferencing is “Isn’t it made for people who are not good at difficult PC operations?“.

However, this time, CiscoWeb conferencing device “Cisco Webex Desk ProAfter using it for a few days, I felt, “Isn’t this really convenient?”RatherOnly those with high gadget literacy, I would like to recommend this device.

For more information, check out this Webex Desk Pro video review!

Video: Gizmodo Japan / YouTube

Webex Desk Pro is a 27-inch display that can be connected to the video conferencing application “Cisco Webex Meetings” by itself. Moreover, thisExternal display of PC while supplying power by USB-CIt can also be used as.

Actually, Web conferencing has a high load on the PC,Relying on PC specificationsThere is a place. However, with Webex Desk Pro, there is only a dedicated machine, so you can have a very stable web conference. The image quality of the built-in camera is good, the microphone is very clear, and the screen sharing is very convenient because it instantly shares the screen of the PC.Webinar etc.Perfect for scenes where you can’t failIt is.

Product Features of Cisco Webex Desk Pro

27-inch 4K touch display. The display is equipped with an OS for Cisco Webex, and can be connected to the video conferencing application “Cisco Webex Meetings” by itself. It can also be used as a normal external display via USB-C.

A bright, 4K resolution camera with an aperture value of f / 2.0. The camera follows the person.

・ Microphone & Speaker:
The microphone is a unidirectional microphone array equipped with a noise can function. 3-way speaker + subwoofer.

* The Cisco Webex Desk Pro camera, microphone, and speakers can also be used from a PC connected via USB.

In other words, with Webex Desk Pro, you can work more efficiently in addition to a device that can hold online meetings and webins in a stable manner.You can even get a high-quality 27-inch / 4K touch display

how is it? Isn’t it a really good display? It seems that the subscription service plan has also started, so if you are considering it, please check here.

Source: Cisco Webex

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