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Many daily activities that don’t look like normal exercise have fitness benefits; according to some groundbreaking research, the meaning we assign to these activities may determine whether we get the most out of them.

Invisible exercise also prevents heart disease

The “invisible movement” claim is not surprising – its understanding can be traced back to the first studies looking at the benefits of physical activity. Shortly after the Second World War, Jeremy R. Jeremy Morris wants to understand why some people are more prone to heart disease than others. Suspecting that exercise might be the cause, he studied a group of people of similar class and social status whose occupations differed only in the amount of time they spent physically active.

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Men who work on London’s double-decker buses seem to be the most suitable population for the study. Although their educational and economic backgrounds were more or less the same, the drivers sat most of the day, while the conductors remained active, often climbing up and down the stairs to collect fares , handing out tickets and helping passengers with luggage.

Conductors generally climb about 500 to 750 steps per day on average. Although this exercise was relatively light compared to marathon training, Morris found,Daily exercise can reduce the risk of heart failure in bus conductors by around half.

Morris has been called “the man who invented exercise,” and his findings spurred further research into the benefits of exercise. The touted advice for 150 minutes of moderate exercise (or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise) a week can be traced back to those bus drivers in London. These metrics are often advertised – but many people still don’t know what counts as moderate or vigorous exercise, which is important in shaping a personal fitness mindset.

To compare the intensity of different activities, physiologists use the so-called “metabolic equivalent” (MET) metric, which is the exercise metabolic rate divided by the resting metabolic rate. For example, if an activity has a MET value of 2, it means you will burn twice as many calories as you would if you sat and watched TV. The equivalent of moderate intensity exercise is between 3 and 6, while vigorous exercise is above 6. Whether you exercise multiple times or in one focused session, what what matters is your total activity throughout the week.

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Invisible movement in everyday life

Many daily and recreational activities meet these requirements. Please refer to the table below:

This invisible sports fitness effect is stronger!Burning calories better than vigorous exercise can prevent heart disease

How many of us mow the lawn, play with the kids, or dance in a nightclub without realizing we are exercising? Even the daily commute counts. According to a study by Imperial College London, around a third of Britons who use public transport commute to and from work, such as waiting for a bus, walking to and from a station, or connecting to a train, which already qualified for the government. comply with published physical activity guidelines.

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◎ This article is excerpted from / “The Power of the Mind: Using the Brain’s Expectation Effect to Find the Change to Turn Your Life Around” by David Robson
◎ Image source/Business Week·Dazhi Image/Shutterstock

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This invisible sports fitness effect is stronger!Burning calories better than vigorous exercise can prevent heart disease

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