This is a matter for the court! 13-year-old twins are suing father for demanding money and refusing to return it

A 13-year-old twin boy and girl filed a lawsuit after their father took more than 80,000 baht of red envelope money. Recently, the court has announced a verdict.

In China, the tradition of giving red envelopes is considered a symbol of good luck and prosperity. In each red package, cash will depend on the value. So, every year, when they receive Ang Pao money, children often take their parents to keep them.

However, this situation led to the problem of owning red envelopes.

Recently, the People’s Court of Bizhou City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, a rare case has occurred. After 13-year-old twins file a lawsuit against their biological father. because of refusal to repay Ang Pao

The WeChat account of the Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court gave details of this event after the marriage of Zhou and Mrs. Wu They also have twins: 13-year-old son Zhou Muxiang and 13-year-old daughter Zhou Mufei.

Mr. Zhou and Mrs. Wu were originally husband and wife. But then they divorced. and the two children were raised by their mothers.

But during Chinese New Year 2020, the father withdrew 16,800 yuan (about 20,000 baht) from the two children’s red envelopes. On the basis that parents have the right to do so.

Although the children begged their father to return many times. But father always refused. Disappointed by such an act, the two children filed a complaint with the court.

Most recently on 14 January. The Bizhou People’s Court in Suzhou ordered Mr. Zhou to be fully reimbursed. to celebrate the birthdays of two brothers

The judge said money in red envelopes had been sent as gifts for the Chinese New Year holiday. It is legally considered the child’s personal property.

However, because the two plaintiffs are not of legal age. The money returned by Mr. Zhou to the mothers of the two children. Because she was the immediate carer of the twins after their divorce.

According to Chinese civil law Parents have the right to help children under 8 to manage their money, but they cannot use it. Without the child’s consent

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