It may seem strange, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen an Apple product that’s completely transparent, but in this case it’s true that these are just a few prototypes of Apple devices bought by renowned collectors. Giulio Jompetti.

In this sense, we have to say that some iMac models were once transparent in terms of housing. now we see Inside some AirPods and Apple 2W chargers that look to be the 29th or 2nd generation. In both cases the interior is visible, and frankly both are spectacular because of how small and compact the internal components are.

Transparent Apple Prototypes Hard to Get

We don’t believe they’re the only Apple prototypes with this type of transparent case, but it’s true that it’s strange to end up observing users outside the company. in this case Zompetti doesn’t explain how he got it But they are really hard to come by from Apple Labs. Both products show all their glamor on the social network Twitter.

In both cases, the details of the interior are perfectly visible. Thanks to the completely transparent housing. Both models can see the final finish of plain white plastic, like what you’ll see on products that finally hit the market.