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This is China’s next-generation game! ‘Black Miss: Wukong’ New Gameplay Revealed

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China’s next-generation multi-platform game, awaited by gamers around the world, has released a new gameplay trailer in a year. The key to this trailer is the transition to the Unreal 5 engine. was originally developed for Unreal 4, but through this gameplay trailer, it has been officially announced that the engine has been changed to Unreal 5. Compared to the previously released trailer, the graphics are greatly improved. The overall color has become brighter, and the particle effect has been greatly improved, such as leaving traces when passing through the accumulated snow.

And a battle with a giant dragon was shown. Judging from the information that can be checked through the trailer, it seems that the key to combat using the female baton is to increase the length to avoid the opponent’s attack, or to attack the enemy in a hard-to-reach position. In addition, it seems that the various skills used by Son Goku can be used in the game, such as setting fire to Yeoui-bong and attacking it, disguised as another animal and moving around terrain.

is a game being developed by ‘GameScience’, which was established independently by about 30 developers under Tencent. In order to recruit new personnel, the first trailer of about 13 minutes was released in August 2020, and after its release, it attracted more than 2 million views on YouTube and attracted high interest to achieve 10 million views on the Chinese UCC site ‘Biribiri.

According to an interview conducted with ‘IGN China’ at the time, has been in development for about two years and has received more than 10,000 resumes since the first trailer was released. The release date is targeted for 2023.

Game Science said that it would focus on improving the game quality and would not disclose new information unless it was clearly developed. Looking at the 13-minute trailer released a year after the interview, it is estimated that the game development work is proceeding smoothly.


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