This is David Epstein's forecast for the Father's Location weekend

This is David Epstein's forecast for the Father's Location weekend

Thursday was one of the unfortunate days of June that we had for some time. The temperatures, which remained much lower than the average, were worse by all the wet weather. Luckily, this weekend will not be so. We have warmer temperatures and sunshine, but a few chances for showers.

This is your full weekend weather forecast.

Friday brings clouds and sunlight.

High temperatures Friday
Friday will be much warmer. —Cllilline

Friday is a better day with a mixture of clouds and sunlight. There will be no short showers and they happen mostly early in the day.

There is a possibility of a thunderstorm occurring over central Massachusetts and northern England.

Saturday is the pick of the weekend.

Saturday high temperature
Saturday is the best day of the coming weekend. —Cllilline

I am looking for plenty of sunlight and light temperatures that reach well in the 70s until almost 80 Saturday. The winds will be light, making a fine summer day.

There will be sunrise at 5:07 a.m and sunset is about 8:24 p.m. The peak gap between sunrise and sunset will happen next week, so enjoy the long days.

Sundays will be colder and cloudier with the possibility of showers.

High Sunday temperatures
Sunday will be a bit colder with more clouds and a few shower. —Cllilline

Sunday is the Father's Day, and will face weather over New England. There will be little disturbance on this front side which will give showers a chance. The time the showers will be the most difficult part of the forecast. At present, it seems that there will be a small batch there early on Sunday morning and perhaps another round of showers later in the afternoon a few times dry between them.

The temperatures should be in the 70s, and maybe it would feel a bit wake up.

Showers are projected early next week:

With the weather systems moving fast from west to east early next week, the pattern continues. This means that showers often in the forecast will only be quite dry times. I don't see any big heat yet.

cold temperatures next week
Much of the country is expected to have adequate humidity over the next week. —OAA

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