This is how the Germans think about Olaf Scholz’s criticism of the climate stickers

Chancellor Scholz described the actions of the “last generation” as “completely crazy” – and sparked a debate. How do the Germans think about it?

A majority of Germans believe Olaf Scholz’s statement that the actions of the “last generation” are “completely crazy” is correct. This was the result of a survey by the opinion research institute Civey on behalf of the digital media house “Table.Media”.

Accordingly, 82 percent of those surveyed support Scholz’s criticism of the adhesive actions. 15 percent find them wrong. Scholz received the least approval from the younger generation: 24 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 39 rated the Chancellor’s statement as wrong. Among those over 65, 88 percent support the SPD politician’s statement.

Divided according to voting intention, the supporters of the CDU/CSU, FDP and AfD, each with more than 90 percent approval, consider Scholz’s criticism of the “last generation” to be correct. Among potential SPD voters, it is 84 percent, while only 37 percent of supporters of the Greens think it is correct. 56 percent of Green supporters think this statement is wrong.

“I find it completely insane”

Scholz had criticized the sticking blocks on Monday in conversation with students in Brandenburg: “I think it’s completely crazy to somehow stick to a picture or on the street.” He has the impression that it doesn’t help anyone to change their mind, but above all it annoys everyone. Read more here.

The group attacked Scholz again: “Mr. Scholz, how dare you stand in front of the children whose future you are destroying and say that you find protest against your destructive politics ‘completely crazy’?” said the environmentalists.


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