This is Joo-win from ‘Divorce with My Own’, “Will you risk all your property?” a rebuttal

picture explanationThis is Joo-win, ah. picture| Ah-geul-ri SNS

YouTuber Ah-geul-i (real name Kim Min-young) and her ex-husband Seo Joo-won fought a war of words with netizens on social media.

On the 1st, when a netizen posted a comment on his Instagram saying, “Aren’t you ashamed?” Seo Joo-won replied, “I’m not ashamed at all.”

At the same time, to another netizen who suspected a relationship, “Would you bet all your fortune and bet if it’s a divorce because of infidelity or cheating? Then why don’t you explain? Why do I have to explain and explain my personal history openly one by one?”

Previously, on her YouTube channel, Ah-ri claimed that Seo Joo-won demanded a lot of property sharing even though he had a relationship.

Regarding this, Joo-Won Seo said, “If it was as unfair a part as the other party (Ah-ri) claimed, I could have continued the lawsuit and claimed the amount I thought I should take (almoni or partition), or I would not have agreed to the amount I suggested. It’s a problem I don’t want to do,” he said expressing his position.

Seo Joo-won also said, “It’s a matter that can be revealed through the adulterous woman’s lawsuit, but they say the complaint hasn’t come yet”, “If there’s a change of heart, I’ll also reveal everything. There is no such change yet.

Meanwhile, on the 11th, Seo Joo-won’s ex-wife Ah-geul-ri said on YouTube on the 11th, “We divorced by mutual consent in October last year.

The background that led to the divorce was Seo Ju-won’s affair,” and he announced that he had filed a lawsuit against Seo Ju-won’s adulterer.

Ah-geuli and Seo Ju-on got married in 2018. He has appeared on game channel OGN’s ‘Heartstone’ season 1 and 2 and SBS TV’s ‘Game Show Yu Hee Nak-rak’, and is currently running the YouTube channel ‘Oh Right’ with around 660,000 subscribers. Seo Joo-won was an L&K Motors racer and made his public appearance through Channel A’s love reality program ‘Heart Signal’ Season 1 in 2017.

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