‘This is not the color I meant..’; Prayaga Martin on the ‘job’ she got for her hair

mPrayaga Martin is one of the leading young actresses of Layala cinema. Although it has only been a short time since he hit the silver screen, Prayaga has given the Malayalis a handful of great characters. For the past few days, Prayaga’s makeover look has been garnering attention in the social media. The actress has dyed her hair in makeup that is hard to recognize. Now Prayaga has revealed the interesting incident behind the makeover.

Prayagam said that this was not done as a makeover and was part of staying away from films for a while. Prayaga’s revelation was during the press meet held as part of the Celebrity Cricket League.

“To be honest, this makeover was not done for CCL. It wasn’t just a makeover. To be honest this is not the color I intended. It happened by accident. But he didn’t change his look deliberately. And another thing, it was decided to take a short break from films for some time. There is no particular reason for that. I felt like I was taking a break, that was it. Also he is not committed to any film at the moment. Then whatever the look is, there is no problem”, says Prayaga.

Prayaga, who entered Malayalam cinema with the film Oru Murai Vanth Parthaya, has already played many great roles. Prayaga’s upcoming films are Bullet Diaries and Jamal’s Smile. Prayaga’s latest release is the movie ‘Bhumiile Manohara Prabanam’ released in 2020.

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Bullet Diaries is written and directed by Santhosh Mandoor with Dhyan Srinivasan. Ranji Panicker plays another important role in the film. Anson Paul, Johnny Anthony, Srikanth Murali, Salim Kumar, Altaf Saleem and Srilakshmi are other actors. Meanwhile, the actress appeared in the lead role as Suriya’s heroine in the anthology film Navraasa.

Last Updated February 9, 2023, 10:46 AM IST

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