THIS IS RARELY SEEN: Watch the half-court goal and the big drama that kicked Arsenal out of Europe…


The football players of Sporting Lisbon knocked out the leading team of the English Premier League, Arsenal of London, with a better execution of kicks from 11 meters (5:3), after the score of 120 minutes of the game was 1:1.

Arsenal already took the lead in the 19th minute with a goal by their captain Granita Xhake. “The Gunners” were the better team until the 62nd minute, when they scored the most effective goal of the season Pedro Goncalves. He caught the home goalkeeper “sleeping”. Aarona Ramsdalea and with a great lob from more than 40 meters, tied the score at 1:1.

In extra time, Sporting’s hero was the goalkeeper Anthony Adam who saved a header in the very end Gabriel Jesus The guests were then left with one player less, because he earned a second yellow card due to a rough start Manuel Ugarte. However, the home team did not have enough time to take advantage of their numerical advantage.

The visitors’ goalkeeper Adan was a key figure in the shootout from 11 meters, as he saved a shot from the Brazilian in the fourth series Gabriel Martinelliso that in the next shot Nuno Santos was precise, like the previous four performers for Sporting, and thus brought the Portuguese a place in the quarterfinals.

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