This is Seong Hyeon-joo, who sent his son away, piling up toys “I won’t take you to a new house”

[스포츠조선닷컴 이우주 기자] Comedian Seong Hyeon-ju looked at the toys her son had collected and decided once more.

On the 31st, Seong Hyun-joo posted a photo with the caption, “I decided not to take the toy boxes that Seohoo had been collecting to my new house. Like this, I crossed a big mountain again today. With dignity right, dignified and brave!”

In the published photos, his son Seo Hoo’s toy boxes filled the room. After leaving her son, Seong Hyun-ju has yet to organize the toy boxes. However, Seong Hyun-joo decided not to take him to her new home and bravely endured the pain. Fans continue to support Sung Hyun-joo’s decision.

On the other hand, comedian Seong Hyun-joo left her son first in 2020. Seong Hyun-joo published the minutes after leaving her son as an article, ‘Your regards’, and donated all the royalties to treat children’s hospital patients.


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