Home World This is the answer given by this eight-year-old girl when her classmate called her ‘fat’

This is the answer given by this eight-year-old girl when her classmate called her ‘fat’

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There are many people around us who make fun of wood more or less. Some people can’t take those jokes lightly when they are ridiculed for being overweight. Some even give appropriate answers to those who mock them.

Eight-year-old Ivy’s reply to a friend who teased her about being overweight is now the talk of social media. Mel Watts, a mother from Australia, shared her daughter Ivy’s mature response.

Even my mother is now amazed at the confident response Ivy gave when her friend called her fat and not sad. In a letter to a teasing friend, Ivy proudly wrote about her body.

‘This is my body. I love this body of mine. I never intend to change it and no matter what anyone says it will not affect anything. It’s enough that my mother, father and family love me … ‘- Ivy said.

I was really surprised when I read Ivy’s letter. Mel Watts said she is now proud of the way she raised her children. Children were always told to be proud of their bodies.

It is their only body, their only chance to live. Mel Watts says she was told to respect that life and that her body deserves respect in return. Now she says she is proud of her daughter Ivy.

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