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The engine compartment of the Mazda CX-60, which has an inline 6-cylinder diesel, e-SKYACTIV D3.3, was also thoroughly enclosed. Why does Mazda put the engine in a capsule?

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SKYACTIV-X is the pioneer of encapsulation

CX-60, Mazda’s first major architecture model, has made a strong start to sales. It is said that approximately 8800 orders have been received in approximately two and a half months since pre-orders began on June 24th. 80% of orders are for the newly developed 6-cylinder turbo diesel.
[Dadansoddi yn ôl model]
・ XD-HYBRID (e Sky Active D): 43%
・ XD (Sky Active D 3.3): 37%
・ 25S (Sky Active G 2.5): 15%
・ PHEV (eSky Active PHEV): 5%

More than 8700 orders! Mazda’s new generation large SUV “CX-60” is finally on sale! First of all, from the model with Sky Active D

On September 15, Mazda released the e-SKYACTIV D-equipped model of the new crossover SUV “CX-60”, the first of the new generation large product group. Other models are 1…

Well, that’s straight 6 SKYACTIV-D3.3. Although it was a short time, I was able to take a test drive (even though I said it was a ride). First of all, I was surprised by how quiet it was. The only thing currently on sale is the “XD-HYBRID (e-SKYACTIV D3.3)” along with a 48V mild hybrid system, so naturally the test drive was a model with the same powertrain.

When cruising or braking, the engine is controlled to stop if there is a chance (for fuel efficiency), so the engine is stopped and restarted frequently, but the handling is extremely good. Even if I was careful, the passenger didn’t know if the engine had stopped or restarted (same goes for the driver).

The in-line 6-cylinder arrangement, originally theoretically balanced, also contributes to its quietness, but Mazda is also focusing on “engine enclosure”.


The first model to be enclosed was the MAZDA3 model with the SKYACTIV-X engine. SKYACTIV-X, which realized an innovative combustion technology called SPCCI (SPark Controlled Compression Ignition), has a compression ratio of 15.0, which is unconventionally high for a gasoline engine, and a compression ratio of 70 MPa (700 bar), which is also extremely high for a gasoline engine. In order to use high direct injection fuel injection pressure, the noise is inevitably serious. Encapsulation was also an effective measure against sound.

Of course, it’s not just the sound.

The purpose of enclosure is fuel efficiency and environmental measures.
Engines are less efficient on a cold start. When the engine starts cold, it first uses fuel to warm itself up. The engine and accessories need to be warmed up as quickly as possible, especially the catalytic converter, which cannot function fully unless it is at an appropriate temperature.

MAZDA3 SKYACTIV-X capsule engine

When you open the hood of the MAZDA3 SKYACTIV-X engine model, the first thing you see is this view. You can’t see the engine itself. because it is enclosed. Turn the two zips at the front to unlock it…
In this way the top of the capsule opens to allow access to the engine. The top cover of the capsule is finely machined to connect with the bonnet hood.
Material for soundproofing and vibration isolation is pasted on the back side of the cover.

Encapsulating the engine avoids a complete cold start, for example, when you come home at night and restart the engine the next morning. For example, when you go to a nearby shopping centre, even if the engine is fully warmed up by the time you reach your destination, the engine will cool down again after a few hours of shopping. Mazda 3 with SKYACTIV-X engine is enclosed, so you can expect a heat retention effect. In other words, you can start with the engine already warmed up on your way home. This is good for fuel consumption and emissions.

CX-60 Is this the complete form?beautifully enclosed

And then there’s the CX-60. As you know, unlike the MAZDA3, the CX-60, which has the engine mounted vertically at the front, has a different mounting method for the engine. In the case of the longitudinally mounted FR engine, the mounting method is not as complicated as the FF. Naturally, I imagined that the CX-60 would also adopt a capsule engine.

First of all, the engine of the CX-60, which I test drove at Mazda’s Mine Proving Ground in March 2022, was also enclosed.

Capsule engine of the CX-60 prototype (2022.3)

Prototype of the CX-60 with a straight 6 diesel. This is the view when you open the bonnet. It shows that the design on the engine cover is a straight six.
Although it is a prototype, you can see that it is beautifully packaged.
Even with the capsule’s top cover removed, the engine is still invisible.

CX-60 mass-produced capsule machine

Then there’s the mass-produced CX-60. Looking forward to it, I went to the test drive location. And before the test drive, I had the hood open (by the way, unlike the MAZDA3, the hood has a damper).

When you open it up, you can see the beautifully encapsulated SKYACTIV-D3.3 inline 6 engine. The word “visible” is wrong. It is “invisible”.
Encapsulation is more thorough than MAZDA3 SKYACTIV-X.

When you open the bonnet hood of the CX-60 commercial model (equipped with e-SKYACTIV D3.3 straight 6 diesel), you can see the scenery like this.
This is what happens when you open the top cover of the capsule. There is still a cover on the engine body.
Note the shape of the cover that wraps around to the side.
This is the left side as seen from the front (engine exhaust side)
This is the right side (intake side).
This is what happens when you remove the engine cover.
This is what the back of the cover looks like.
The cover that wraps around again is a structure that sums up by entering the gap between the turbocharger and the suspension tower.
At the last minute the engine is enclosed.
This is behind the engine cover. There is no specific urethane based soundproofing material here.
This is because a special urethane material for soundproofing and moisture resistance is used around the engine’s direct injection injector.
Beautifully packaged. i’m in love Note the front edge of the engine cover. It is attached to the side of the radiator core without gaps.

Engine revs are not a measure of mode fuel economy. Since WLTC mode is cold started, the benefits of encapsulation do not appear in fuel economy mode. It is only effective for “actual fuel consumption”. It can be said to be a place where you can get a glimpse of Mazda’s development philosophy.

Experience with a CX-60 contract! Due to the increase in used car prices, the trade-in price is going to be incredible! Indeed, now was the opportunity to buy a new car[adroddiad profiad yr awdur]

As you all know, due to the shortage of semiconductors and the lockdown caused by the new coronavirus, the delivery time for new cars is long. Thailand was usually suitable for buying a new car now…

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