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“This is why we continue” 3.3 trillion won of insurance fraud caught over 4 years… Return rate only 3.8%

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The amount of insurance fraud detected by the Financial Supervisory Service, insurance companies and police over the past four years reached 3.3 trillion won, but the amount recovered was only 120 billion won, it was found. It takes a long time and costs such as litigation to recover insurance money following detection of insurance fraud, but some point out that it is necessary to pay attention to insurance fraud.

As a result of analyzing ‘insurance fraud detections and refunds over the past 4 years’ submitted by the Financial Supervisory Service by Rep. Yoon Kwan-seok of the National Assembly Political Affairs Committee on the 18th, the number of insurance frauds detected from 2017 to last year was 354,078. The amount was estimated at 3.3078 trillion won. Among them, the amount recovered was 126.4 billion won, and the recovery rate was only 3.8%.

The number and amount of insurance fraud detections is increasing, approaching 100,000 annually. If you look at the number and amount of insurance fraud detections in the last 4 years, it was 83,535 people in 2017, 70.1 billion won in 2017, 79,179 people in 2018, 798.1 billion won, 92,538 people in 2019, 880.9 billion won in 2019, and 98,826 people in last year, 898.5 billion won. .

Non-life insurance company products were mainly used in insurance fraud. During this period, life insurance fraud was 35,190 people, 302.6 billion won, and non-life insurance fraud was 318,888 people, 3.51 trillion won.

The amount of reimbursement compared to the amount detected by insurance fraud is decreasing. Looking at the trend of insurance fraud refunds (return rate), 33 billion won (4.5%) out of 730.1 billion won in 2017, 29.6 billion won (3.7%) out of 798.1 billion won in 2018, 37.3 billion won (4.2%) out of 880.9 billion won in 2019, and 898.5 billion won last year. of 26.4 billion won (2.9%).

When looking at the status of insurance fraud detection by major type, automobile accidents (211,815 persons, KRW 1.395.1 trillion) were the most common, followed by false/excessive accidents (119,373 persons, KRW 1.35 trillion) and intentional accidents (3781 persons, 2937 persons). 100 million) followed by others (19,109 people, 260 billion won).

Rep. Yoon Gwan-seok said, “The increase in insurance fraud acts as a factor in increasing insurance premiums, which leads to premiums burdened by well-intentioned insurers.

An official from the Financial Supervisory Service said, “In order to raise awareness about insurance fraud, the insurance money defrauded by insurance fraud must be recovered.”

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