This morning, the newspaper caught 12 trillion offshore tax evasion as a global giant platform.

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I will look at the newspaper this morning.

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First, let’s look at the article that the National Tax Service has caught offshore tax evasion as major global platforms and launched a tax investigation.

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This is the Hankyoreh.

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Company A, a global platform company, did not report it to the National Tax Service even though it generated sales of over 1 trillion won over 5 years by selling online services in Korea.

By splitting off subsidiaries in Korea, it disguised itself as not carrying out major business activities in Korea.

The National Tax Service launched a tax investigation against 52 suspected offshore tax evaders, including company A.

It is said that the total income they have siphoned off abroad without paying taxes in Korea is estimated to be between 1 trillion and 2 trillion won.

According to the newspaper, 6 domestic companies listed by KOSPI and 2 listed companies KOSDAQ were included in the survey, as well as 4 of the 100 global companies selected by Fortune magazine, an American economic magazine.

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Next is the Dong-A Ilbo.

On the 30th of last month, a man in his 70s was seriously injured and died while being taken to a hospital about 100 km away.

At the time, there were empty beds and medical staff at three nearby hospitals, including the trauma centre, a 25-minute ambulance ride away.

According to the standard guidelines for on-site first aid for 119 paramedics, patients with severe trauma should be transported to the nearest regional trauma center or specialist trauma training centre.

However, 119 only inquired about the availability of hospitals with full intensive care units and made additional calls to nearby hospitals without trauma centers.

It is said that it is difficult to place the responsibility for losing the golden time entirely on the fire authorities because of the situation where they had to call the hospital and drive one by one while giving first aid to patients.

The newspaper reported that even the system that connects emergency patients in real time is ineffective, leading to criticism that the golden time to save patients has been wasted.

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Next is the Hankook Ilbo.

It is an article that the bill processing rate of the 21st National Assembly was only 30%.

It is said to be 6.8 percentage points lower than the final bill processing rate of the 20th National Assembly, which is the lowest ever.

It is said that many evaluations say that the current report card does not meet expectations, as this National Assembly has shown enthusiasm for handling bills, such as the implementation of the “Working National Assembly Act” which activates the holding of the standing committee from 2021.

The Standing Committee with the most proposed bills was the Public Administration and Security Committee, and in terms of the treatment rate, the Steering Committee had the lowest rate, at 13.3%.

The final report card of the 21st National Assembly depends on the remaining year, but with the general election imminent, it is doubtful whether the speed of bill processing will rebound, the newspaper said.

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This is a local newspaper article.

First is the Daegu Ilbo.

This is an article that shows that debt insolvency signals of households, small businesses and small businesses in the Daegu area are detected simultaneously.

The delinquency rate and delinquency rate of DGB Daegu Bank’s loan and credit card jumped significantly, and the subrogation amount of the credit guarantee institution, which reimburses expenses instead of loans or interest payments, increased three times compared to 2022.

In the meantime, due to Corona 19, the deferral of repayment of principal loans issued by government-backed securities such as policy funds will end in September.

After September, interest and principal repayment from policy funds such as Sunshine Loan or New Start Fund supported during the corona period will begin, and the degree of insolvency and delinquency will increase, the newspaper said.

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Finally, this is Gangwon-do Minilbo.

It is an article that says that growing fruit trees, which make money, is increasing instead of potatoes and corn, which are representative crops of Gangwon-do.

The area grown for potatoes, corn and upland vegetables, which are representative specialties, decreased, while the area grown for fruit trees such as apples and peaches increased significantly.

Due to climate change, the apple growing area in the state has increased more than three times compared to last year, and utility crops such as watermelons and melons have also increased due to the lack of rural manpower and the development of smart agriculture.

As the price of Chinese cabbage and potatoes fluctuates every year due to climate change and Corona 19, farmers are changing their crops from low-cost crops to fruit crops that are easy to produce secondary processed foods, the newspaper said.

So far, “This Morning’s Newspaper.”


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