This morning, the Thai stock market index closed at 1,687.65 points, an increase of 1.90 points or 0.11%.

Thai e-finance news agency – -2 Feb.’ 23 12:31 p.m

e-Finance News Agency (2 Feb. '23)-- with a trading value of 34,992.70 million baht The 5 most traded securities are: 1.DELTA closed at 914.00 baht, up 16.00 baht, trading value 2,549.51 million baht 2.PTTEP closed at 170.50 baht, down from -2. Trading 1,512.93 million baht 3.KBANK closed at 144.50 baht, closed unchanged. Trading value 1,294.73 million baht 4.HANA closed at 63.50 baht, up 3.00 baht, trading value 1,192.97 million baht 5.KCE closed at 56.25 baht, up 0.75 baht, trading value 903.97 million baht, SET1006 index point closed on 56.25 baht. , an increase of 3.12 points or 0.14% The SET50 index closed at 1,003.03 points, an increase of 0.64 points or 0.06% The market index closed at 607.02 points, a decrease of -1.41 points or -0.23%.

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