Home News This Nov. 1, the Ministry of Education is ready to open classes. There are more than ten thousands of schools asking to open on-site.

This Nov. 1, the Ministry of Education is ready to open classes. There are more than ten thousands of schools asking to open on-site.

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On November 1, the MOE is ready to open semester 2/21, with over 10,000 schools requesting on-site teaching. continually strictly Make the safety of students a priority.

On October 28, 2021, at the Ministry of Education (M.E.O.), Ms. Treenut Thienthong, Minister of Education (Mr.Ed.) together with senior executives of M.O.D., Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong Director-General of the Department of Disease Control and Dr. Sarawut Boonsuk, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health, attended a press conference on “Readiness to open the second semester of the academic year 2021 of educational institutions under the Ministry of Health on November 1, 2021.”

Ms. Treenut said that the announcement has now been issued. MOE on rules for opening a school or educational institution according to the requirements issued under Section 9 of the Royal Decree Government Administration in Emergency Situations 2005 (No. 34) to supervise and increase confidence among students, teachers and the general public.

that schools and educational institutions Able to carry out activities according to the specified criteria In line with the opening of semester 2/2546 under the epidemic situation of corona virus 2019 (Covid-19)

This announcement of the Ministry of Education has set the rules for opening a school or educational establishment. The terms of the measures, guidelines, response plans and details are clearly stated. There are 5 important parts as follows:

Part 1. The main conditions of the Sandbox Safety Zone in School measures to support the opening of the second semester of the academic year/2121 by providing on-site teaching and learning in educational institutions, classified by the epidemic area of ​​COVID-19.

Part 2. Requirements for the 6 Main Measures (DMHT-RC), 6 Complementary Measures (SSET-CQ) and the 7 Intensive Measures for Educational Institutions (Round trip type)

Part 3. Criteria for consideration for the use of a building or premises for teaching, exams, training or any activities of a school or educational institution located in the maximum control area (red) or the maximum and strictly control area (dark red)

Part 4. Measures according to the response plan according to the measures to prevent the epidemic of COVID-19 of educational institutions

Section 5. Criteria for consideration for the use of a building or premises of a school or educational institution for examinations, training or any activity with a large number of participants

“In order to open on-site classes, schools or educational establishments must pass readiness assessment through Thai Stop Covid Plus (TSC+) and report on follow-up assessment through MOECOVID through intensive practice. Teachers and staff In the highest-controlled area (red) or in the highest and strictest control area (dark red) must have received two doses of vaccination, 85% or more.

For teachers and personnel in other areas, 85% or more of the 1st dose must be vaccinated, while students are indefinite, but the Ministry of Education has campaigned for students to be vaccinated as much as possible. for the safety of students and parents themselves.”

Ms. Treenut further said that the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) is currently surveying the number of schools that In this semester 2/2564, which format will be used? It was found that there were both requests to open on-site 100% or most on-site, including more than 10,000 schools, with some asking to use a mixed model. And there are some areas where the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee has not allowed to open on-site on November 1, but has postponed to open on November 15, 2021 instead.

However, there will be a semester break for 2/2564 at the same time on April 1, 2022. For educational institutions under the Office of Vocational Education Commission (VEC), both public and private, a total of 869 surveys responded to 832 surveys, found that most of 531 asked for Use a mixed model, which is both On-site and On-line, followed by 192 places requesting 100% On-line format and 109 places requesting 100% On-site.

Minister of Education also said that during the school semester or educational establishment able to manage teaching Can be either on-site or online or hybrid (Hybrid), all students, teachers and staff must assess Thai Save Thai (TST) according to criteria classified by epidemic area, with random screening for infection (ATK) ) both students, teachers and personnel to monitor ,

Intensive personal hygiene measures are followed, activities are conducted together in the form of Small Bubbles, avoiding cross-group activities. and arrange students in normal size classrooms with no more than 25 students or arrange to have a distance of not less than 1.5 meters between students in the classroom

as well as having a school detention facility or a temporary isolation area Including a response plan for supporting primary care in the event of a student, teacher or staff member in an educational institution in case of contracting COVID-19 or having a positive screening test. with strict rehearsal and intensive supervision of travel in case of entering and leaving the school

by avoiding touching in different areas Throughout the travel route, measures and guidelines will be adjusted according to the epidemic situation. Depends on the Provincial Disease Control Committee or the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee.

Still, 6 main measures (DMHT-RC) are still adhered to: 1. Distancing, 2. Mask wearing, 3. Hand washing, 4. Testing, screening for fever, 5. Reducing, reducing congestion, and 6.Cleaning. 6 intensive complementary measures (SSET-CQ) were 1. Self-care, 2. Spoon using a personal spoon, 3. Eating, eating freshly cooked food, 4. Track, registering in and out of school, 5. Check, checking, and 6. Quarantine self-quarantine

This Nov. 1, the Ministry of Education is ready to open classes.  There are more than ten thousands of schools asking to open on-site.

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