This Saturday is the last game! Pique retires from football at the age of 35 |

Barcelona’s veteran defender plays in La Liga this weekend, the last game After deciding to announce his retirement

Gerard Pique protector ofBarcelona Post a video clip announcing his retirement from football. They will play in La Liga on Saturday night, where they will host Almeria in their final game.

Previously, it was rumored that the 35-year-old defensive lineman had decided to leave Barca at the end of this season. with the rotting body until it falls off as a backup

However, the latest option will herald the end of a football career from now on. By posting a heartfelt video clip of his love for the club.

“To Culeis (Barcelona fan), I’m Gerard.

“A few weeks or a few months ago. A lot of people talk about me. So far I haven’t said anything, but now I want to be the one to talk about my story.”

“Like many of you, I have always been a Barça fan. I was born into a family that loves football and is a Barcelona fan. and from a young age I don’t just want to be a footballer. I want to be a Barça player. And I lost that child recently.”

“What was little Gerard thinking that day If he was told that all his dreams would come true that he would make the Barça first team he would win every trophy he could he would be European champion and world champion he would play side alongside the best players in history he will become one of the captains of the team he will be friends for life It has been 25 years since I joined the Barça team. I have gone and I have returned.”

“Football gave me everything. Barça gave me everything. Culeis (Barcelona fan) he gave me everything And now all the children’s dreams have come true. I want to tell you that I have decided now is the time to finish this journey.”

“I always said I wouldn’t play for another team after leaving Barça. and Saturday’s game will be my last game at Camp Nou. I will be a regular football fan. I will cheer for the team I will pass on my love for Barça to my children as my family has done for me before. and you know me well Sooner or later I will be back for sure. See you at Camp Nou.”

“The Bazaar will flourish forever”

Pique joined Barca’s youth team in 1997 but had yet to reach the senior team and decided to join Manchester United in 2004 but could not intervene as a mainstay until Made in 2008 chose to move back to Barca again. Until becoming a world-class defender who has had great success including reaching 30 trophies with Barça. Including winning the 2010 World Cup, and then the Euro 2012 championship with the Spanish national team.

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