This spot is the best owned black food in Georgia

This spot is the best owned black food in Georgia

"The soul of food is unique because it has socio-political conflicts and it is the race burden. It is a resistance-based art. It is art based on resistance, and is the main technique. There is a feeling and intuition, "Michael Twitty, African American food wrote an historian and author in his book" The Cooking Gene. "

Soul food can be found all over the United States, and there is no lack of restaurants in Georgia.

But, according to the digital publishing platforms Travel Noire, one must visit those restaurants.

Travel Noire chose a black food restaurant owned by each state for its “50 in 50.” in August.

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To represent Georgia, select the Busy Bee Coffee website in Atlanta. Busy Bee's website presents the restaurant as “Atlanta Food Food Kitchen” Since 1947. ”It was a meeting place for civil rights leaders after driving on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and continues to stay busy, serving fried chicken and other Southern staples.

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Busy Bee's fried chicken is often among the options in the AJC's Best of Atlanta annual poll, finishing second in 2017.

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If you can do it to Busy Bee Cafe, smorgasbord is at Atlanta restaurants on black owned restaurants. You can check them in the future.

Or dine at one of the six soul food restaurants that your mother would be proud of.

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