This time, an employee of the Health Insurance Corporation embezzled 4.6 billion won.

There was a large-scale embezzlement of 4.6 billion won at the National Health Insurance Corporation, which controls health insurance premiums.

The Corporation announced on the 23rd that it found that the employee in charge of debt management at the Financial Management Office, Mr. A, had embezzled about 4.6 billion won, filed a criminal complaint with the Wonju Police Station in Gangwon-do and frozen. his account. The embezzled money is medical expenses that have been withheld due to foreclosed debts, etc.

In order to embezzle public money, it is known that Mr. Has manipulated the creditor’s account information between April and September so that the medical costs are deposited into his account. It was found that 100 million won from April to July, 300 million won on the 16th, and 4.2 billion won on the 21st were deposited into this employee’s account.

On the morning of the 22nd, the Corporation confirmed the theft by checking the amount withheld. In order to recover the principal, the Corporation said it is taking measures to temporarily seize deposits and is working closely with the police to minimize damage. However, there are concerns that the employee may have difficulty investigating and collecting compensation as he fled to Germany immediately after the theft.

The embezzlement of 4.6 billion won is the largest amount of theft that took place inside the industrial complex. Attention is drawn to the fact that the NPS, which controls public health insurance premiums, cannot avoid responsibility for poor management of employees who commit large-scale theft. The agency also said, “We are taking the incident very seriously.”

Reporter Oh Hyun-ah

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