This time, ‘Shin Tae-yong Magic’… Indonesia to play the first round of the Suzuki Cup final tomorrow


The Indonesian national football team, led by coach Shin Tae-yong, will challenge for the first time in history at the ‘World Cup of Southeast Asia’ Suzuki Cup on the night of the 29th.

The opponent is Thailand, who defeated Park Hang-seo’s Vietnam.

Correspondent Seong-Heum Cho.


Indonesia, headed by Shin Tae-yong, advanced to the Suzuki Cup final by defeating host country Singapore.

We look forward to the first ever trophy on the final stage in 5 years.

The opponent is Thailand, who defeated Park Hang-seo’s Vietnam, who was aiming for a second consecutive championship.

Thailand, which has won the most Suzuki Cup titles 5 times, is a strong contender and is more than 40 places higher than Indonesia, which is ranked 164th in the FIFA rankings.

Moreover, Thailand is the country that has repeatedly blocked Indonesia from winning the Suzuki Cup.

Indonesia is the most runner-up country in the Suzuki Cup, with Thailand being the result of 3 out of 5 runners-up.

Thailand has been undefeated with a solid defense of one goal in six matches played from the group stage to the semifinals of this tournament.

In contrast, Indonesia, led by coach Shin Tae-yong, boasts a strong firepower that has scored 18 goals in six matches of this tournament.

<신태용 / 인도네시아 축구대표팀 감독> “Because the ball is round, we will also have a chance. We are doing our best to uphold the national prestige, so we are not a Korean soccer team, but I would appreciate your hard work of support.”

The Suzuki Cup final between Indonesia and Southeast Asian powerhouse Thailand, which predicted ‘Shin Tae-yong’s magic’, will be held twice in the first and second rounds.

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