This time wearing a couple tee in the elevator … V and Jenny, the third two shots drop

Two shots of BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie also spread online. These are the third two photos following the two photos taken in the waiting room and entrance of the flat.

Recently, photos taken by V and Jennie are spreading fast online. In the picture, V and Jenny are all wearing T-shirts with the same Winnie the Pooh character on a black and white background in the elevator and reflecting themselves in the mirror.

Like the two photos shared in the past, this photo was also taken with Jenny’s mobile phone. Many people suspect that Jennie’s photos taken with her mobile phone have been hacked, and the photos taken with V are mostly leaked.

On the 23rd, a photo was released that looks like Jennie took a photo of V being styled by the staff in the waiting room with her mobile phone. Two days later, a picture was circulated of the two people taking a mirror selfie in what appeared to be the entrance to the flat.

Separately, attention is once again focused on the relationship between the two. In May, V and Jennie were caught up in dating rumors when a photo was released of them together in a car while traveling to Jeju Island.

The agencies of both parties have not commented on the situation. Some netizens are of the opinion that a strong legal response is needed as the damage to privacy due to the hacking of Jenny’s mobile phone is estimated to be increasing.

(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)


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