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February 13, 1800: John Jay Jackson was born near Parkersburg. He served in the Seminole War as a member of Gen. team. Andrew Jackson.

February 13, 1913 Jones's mother in Charleston was arrested after assisting union readers on Paint Creek and Cabin Creek.

February 13, 1923: Chuck Yeager was born at Myra, about seven miles from Hamlin. On October 14, 1947, Bell X-1 radio bomb dropped from B-29 bomb, Yeager broke the flying barrier flying 700 miles per hour.

February 14, 1866: The Grants Group for the Gen. was created and named. Ulysses S. Grant, who later became his 18th president of the nation.

February 15, 1898: Musician John Homer "Uncle Homer" was born in Mercer County. Among the latest traditions of banjo black Appalachian players, it was a banjo of five straws in the style of clawhammer.

February 15, 1930: Sara Jane Moore was born in Charleston. On September 22, 1975, Moore tried to shape President Gerald Ford in San Francisco.

February 15, 1975: Elizabeth Kee, the first members of the Conference, died in the Bluefield. Kee was elected to Congress in 1951 after her husband's death, John. She resigned in 1964 and replaced her son, James, instead.

February 16, 1821: Morris Harvey was born near Prosperity in Raleigh County. Harvey's gifts for the Barboursville Seminary lasted his name to Morris Harvey College in 1901. The University is now the University of Charleston.

February 16, 1951: Second Lieutenant Darwin Keith Kyle expired during severity exchange against Chinese forces in Korea. He was awarded the Honor Medal.

February 17, 1735: Morgan Morgan was commissioned as a captain of the militia in Artillery Field 201st, considered to be the oldest military unit in the United States.

February 18, 1843: Ritchie County was created from some of the counties of Wood, Lewis, and Harrison. The county was named for journalist and politician Virginia Ritchie.

February 18, 1890: Ellison Mounts, a cousin hanging for Hatfield's family for murder, finishing Hatfield-McCoy Feud.

February 18, 1969: Hundreds of miners in Raleigh County went to strike the black lung issue. Within days, the walk is spread across western West Virginia.

February 19, 1872: The Glenville Branch of the Commonwealth of the State was established by the act of the legislature. The first session of the college opened on January 14, 1873, in the former Gilmer court house.

February 19, 1908: Orval Elijah Brown was born near Lizemores in County Clare. Brown, a person free of spirit, did not find the name & # 39; & # 39; Clay County Wild Man & # 39; during the Great Storm for its unwanted physical appearance which included a tow flow and spending a little more than a self-propelled toy.

February 19, 1943: Homer Author Hickam was born in Killill, County of McDuibhne. The second book of Hickam, Rocket Boys: A Memoir was published in 1998 and came first, as well as the basis for the popular movie, October Sky.

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