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Yesterday afternoon, there was shocking news from the South Korean side that Rain was accused of having an extramarital relationship with Park Jie, a golfer who looked like Kim Tae Hee.

Rain immediately issued a statement to deny it, and the outside world was very worried about Kim Tae Hee’s mood, but it became clear that when she heard the news, her reaction was quite special.

References to having a relationship with a woman who “looks like Kim Tae Hee”

Rain and Cho Jung-seok did not hesitate to file lawsuits

The male protagonists involved in the “suspected extramarital affair” yesterday, except for Rain and Cao Zheng-seok, who were famous for their beloved wife, did not hesitate at all. They immediately issued a denial statement , and the two decided to file a complaint against the person spreading the news to protect their personal reputation.

On the other end, Pu Jie, who was accused of being a mistress, also answered: “I only met a few years ago at a sponsorship event, and I don’t even know the phone number. Didn’t expect such a shameful thing to happen. . “

Learn that Glaw is part of an extramarital relationship

Kim Tae Hee is not angry at all

Gummy, Cao Jung-seok’s wife, did not respond, but Kim Tae-hee’s company, shortly after the incident, issued a statement to officially respond to the outside world, and the tone was quite funny. The company said that when Kim Tae Hee heard the news for the first time, he laughed very loudly because it was too absurd, and emphasized that he had never met Park Jie.

When it was mentioned that her husband was having an affair, Jin Taixi didn’t feel angry or worried like the outside world thought, but she laughed softly, which shows that she really trusted Rain.

After this incident came out, although it immediately provoked discussion, the netizens could not fool him at all this time. Rather, they all supported Rain. After all, after being married for so many years, so full of his love for his wife, fans can see it all.

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