This year, the songs you’ve heard and the road you’ve traveled | Shanghai-Mobile right

This year, the songs you’ve heard and the road you’ve traveled | Shanghai OKFlying into the homes of ordinary people

2022 is coming to an end

What events are remembered vividly?

Who stays in the bottom of my heart?

What emotions turn into melodies and hover in my ears


This issue is very Shanghai

we go to the streets

Come and listen to everyone share their annual theme song

put your headphones on

open player

in the name of music

Open this special list at the end of the year

Xinmin Late News “Shanghai Moment”” Exhibition

Losing love – Sue Five

It is said that losing it is a mistake. In 2022, Mr. Shen has a new understanding of loving and being loved.

I didn’t see much at home in April and May, and then I saw too much “revenge” and finally broke up. Does this song also hide your love experience?

Crip (Remix) – Radiohead

She felt that there was an “innocent love affair” ahead of her this year, but she was scared because of the inferiority complex, just like “you’re so special, but I’m a creep” in the lyrics.

But life must go on. Putting feelings aside for now, she said she wanted to be like rock music, “Boom, boom, keep going, keep going.”

If I Take You-Liu Jinrui

When listening to this song, Mr. Liu is always moved by the broad artistic concept in the melody and lyrics.

“I like the open mind and the brilliance in the words, and people will feel that there is hope.” Mr Liu turned around and ran to the taxi as soon as he finished speaking. He said that although he is always pushed forward by life, he can persevere if he has hope.

ABCD alphabet song

Sometimes it is very simple to be “brainwashed” by a song. For example, because of teaching his son English, the nursery rhyme “ABCD” came Mr. Wang’s first response.

In 2022, more time will be spent at home. He said bluntly “apart from work, he’s a child” and hopes to travel next year. “After all, I’ve practiced English at home for a long time.”

Usual disco-Luo Tianyi/Yanhe

“A lot of people around me send the background music of the little game ‘A Sheep and a Sheep’ back and forth to express their condition.” Mr Yan derided this as “great”. The game was popular for a while before that, but recently the name of the game has become a reality.

In the cold winter wind, Mr. Yan expressed optimism: “As long as you have a good attitude, it’s not a big deal.”

The Lone Warrior-Eason Chan

“The Lonely Brave”, “Divine Comedy” I have to mention this year. It is also the most talked about pop song in interviews.

The 27-year-old Beibei said that sometimes he would be “emo” on the way to work. This “fight song” which is “suitable for all ages” and “full of power” is very exciting. to listen to her.

Mr Yu said that he and his daughter are fans of this song. In 2022, my daughter left home to study in the United States, and now she has learned to cook, cook and take care of herself. As the song says, face life alone and stubborn, and try to grow up.

Walk and sing along the way, and share it together.

Tossing and turning, someone sang “He said this little pain in the wind and rain is nothing”;

When hesitating, one is comforted that “those wrapped in light in their hearts will not change their original intentions”;

When he was about to give up, someone roared, “Who said playing ordinary games is not a hero”;

When we think about it, we know that “there is such a person in this world who lives in my flying youth”;

Looking back and starting again, we firmly believe that “the mountains and rivers are safe, and the fireworks are usually your wish-fulfilling sight.”

After watching this video

Do you have in front of the screen also such a song

Want to share with us?


Shifen Shanghai will accompany you

Record the heartbeat of the city

share each other’s stories

see you next year

Filming: Xinmin Evening News reporter Dong Yihong Liu Huiqin Huang Yuyue Dai Tianjiao

Poster: Liu Yuping

Editors: Li Zheng, Wei Jiawei


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