thisisneverthat and Grateful Dead Launch Retro-Inspired Collaboration Series

Thisisneverthat and Grateful Dead Collaborate on New Retro Collection

Thisisneverthat, a popular Korean street brand, has joined forces with iconic American psychedelic rock band Grateful Dead to launch an exciting new joint series. This collaboration marks their third partnership, bringing together The Grateful Dead’s classic graphics with Thisisneverthat’s signature retro style.

Drawing inspiration from The Grateful Dead’s renowned albums “Steal Your Face”, “Skull and Roses”, and the playful lines of Dancing Bear, Thisisneverthat has created a fresh and retro collaborative collection that will surely resonate with the band’s loyal fans.

The collection features a range of winter essentials, including Varsity Jackets, Fleece Zip-Ups, and Heavy Flannels. Quarter zips are available in various materials, adorned with embroidered patterns in the top left corner and offered in a wide array of colors. Additionally, the collection includes vibrantly printed Boast Hoodies, Crewnecks, and simple-styled trousers.

Notably, the collection also offers an array of accessories such as the Jacquard Cushion, knitted bags, and blankets. To commemorate this collaboration, Thisisneverthat will host a pop-up shop and introduce limited edition products like the “GD Dancing Bears Denim Cap” and the “GD Dancing Bear Keychain,” as well as the “GD Iconography Bandana.”

The highly anticipated thisisneverthat x Grateful Dead collaboration series will be available for purchase starting on October 6. For more detailed information, interested readers are encouraged to visit the brand’s official website.

Thisisneverthat Korean street brand and the American psychedelic rock band Grateful Dead are launching a new joint series.

This is the third collaboration between the two parties, bringing together the classic graphics of The Grateful Dead and this is never out of place in retro style; this ever draws inspiration from the band’s highly regarded albums “Steal Your Face”, “Skull and Roses” and the playful lines of Dancing Bear to create a fresh and retro collaborative collection that will feel authentic to the band’s loyal fans.

This series includes Varsity Jackets, Fleece Zip-Ups and Heavy Flannels, etc., suitable for winter; Quarter zips are made of different materials, with embroidered patterns in the top left corner, and are available in a variety of colours; selected Boast Hoodies and Crewnecks are printed with full vibrant patterns and trousers are presented in a simple style.

In addition, there are also accessories such as Jacquard Cushion, knitted bags and blankets It is worth noting that thisisneverthat will hold a pop-up shop to commemorate this collaboration, and will also launch “GD Dancing Bears Denim Cap ” and “GD Dancing Bear Keychain” As well as limited edition products such as “GD Iconography Bandana”.

The latest collaboration series from thisisneverthat x GratefulDead will go on sale on October 6. Interested readers may wish to head over to the brand’s official website for more detailed information.

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