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Thomas Spartey stands out, but a win that still needs improvement | Daily News

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It was Arsenal’s saliva win against Rapid Vienna 2-1 in their first Europa League game on Thursday night.Here are seven summaries.

1. Arteta’s plan is adjusted from 3-4-3 in the latest game, replacing a 4-3-3 move, David Luiz stands at center-back with Gabriel Magalnes with Seadco. Lazinac and Cedric Suarez are midfield full-back Thomas Spartey, starting the first game with Moel Nani and the stretchy Bucayosaka. A little to the left, the strikers have Alexandre La Casette in the center, Eddy N Katieh and Nicolas Pepe are attacking the side. Considered to change a lot No real, including Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, Willian, Kieran Tierney, Granit Shaka, Dani Sebyos, Ector Beyerin.

2. Plan 4-3-3, but when the attacking game will be flexible, such as Suarez, when adding the right side, Elneny will extend to the secondary position of the back. The left side is the same, but it’s actually not a new format, because like before, where Shaka stood in the middle, but it turned out to be a full-back when the real left-back did a game against Suarez, trying to fill the attacking game, but not. Has helped create many opportunities

3. The last match lost to Manchester City 1-0 in the middle. This game adapted The midfield gets better, but the defensive game is loose. Even so, Partey has been very outstanding, has been in control of eight strokes, won four mid-air balls, and 50 successful passes in the opponent’s territory. Not the best But he didn’t miss anything. Goal 2, the starting point, came from passing the ball through his hole for Beyerin before slapping it for Obameyoung. For me, the most outstanding game in this game is to keep Partey in the middle, always reading the game, cutting the ball, putting the ball through the defense line. It’s the kind of midfielder that Arsenal don’t currently have, and former Arsenal defender Martin Keeon reminds him of Patrick Vieira, Gabriel, who is strong and Obama has always been a dependency. Came down immediately, the game immediately improved

4. For NKetiah and the role of the striker, the side looks very imprecise, intermittent, flickering, but lacking, while La Casette has a late chance. But became hesitant Looks lacks confidence as 3 offensive lines that still need to be tuned a lot. And another person who is most concerned about There should be no more than Leno who missed the ball and conceded the goal. Plus almost lost more doors When coming out of the box cut the ball missed Getting the ball off the back line was a little slow. Should have to study hard, both confident and playing football It’s sympathetic: today’s goalkeepers can’t practice saving alone. You have to use your feet well and make decisions quickly.

5. The overall picture is a game that still needs to be tuned a lot. The game pushes the same problem Create few chances before the first goal is scored. The attacking game is still slow. And, as previously noted, set-pieces, corners, free-kicks, two-row strikes, open from the side. Various ways to invade At Arteta, we could see that the team had to find a way to create more chances to score. Which today the goal of Luiz started from the set kick My favorite positive aspect is that it makes the team look better.

6. After the game, Arteta hits Partey That, especially the second half, can control the middle when there is more space to play And can still show a better form As for the set of balls from the defensive line, they will continue to continue to practice because this is the team’s approach Is necessary

7. David Luiz (33 years, 183 days) plays for the team for the 50th and oldest to score in the European Cup since Sol Campbell, who shot Porto in 2010. At 35 years, 152 days, Beyerin made 3 assists in the last three games.Rapid Vienna had just lost home in the Europa League group stage for the first time since 2012, finishing an unbeaten record of 13.

*** Next match, Arsenal open home to Leicester This Sunday, October 25, the couple is late at 2:15 p.m. Thai time.




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