“Those who decided to release Hindi movies are enemies of cinema”

Prominent filmmaker Delwar Jhantu has always been vocal against the release of Hindi movies in the country. Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ has been released along with his movie ‘Sujan Majhi’. Despite protesting, this producer could not prevent the release in the end.

In this context, Delwar Jahan Jhantu said, different culture should not come to our country. They don’t go with our culture. With the arrival of Hindi movies, cinema hall owners can fill their stomachs. Without it, there will be no benefit. Cinema halls will not survive, our films will also perish. We don’t want foreign language films to be released. English is taught to us, it is an international language. So we don’t mind if English films come. But why should this film (Jawan) be released in this country? Again, not complying with the rules! Where two films of a country are booked for release on the same date, how come a film of another language, of another country is released?

He also said that this is a suicidal decision for our film industry. Those who have taken such a decision are the enemies of the country’s cinema. Today many people may not understand but one day they will understand. When you understand, there is nothing else to do. Many people think that I am protesting because my movie is releasing today. Telling them, I have spoken against the release of Hindi language films in the country since the beginning; I will tell you in the future. Maya is for those who sit quietly. They will cry in the coming days. Then he will not cry.