Those who say old movies are rubbish should remember that tomorrow they will also be old – Siddique

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Those who say old films are rubbish should remember that tomorrow they will also be old: Siddique

Siddique is a director who has given many hit films to Malayalam cinema. He now speaks in an interview with Samam Malayalam about the new generation of cinema rejecting the old talents.

“One thing I feel about the new generation in cinema is that they reject the old talent. But they should understand one thing that the film they are making today was not at this level.

The geniuses of the past worked on it and sacrificed their lives to create what they see today. Many people are responsible for watching Malayalam cinema today.

Newcomers say this is the movie and nothing before it is a movie. The attitude that old movies are all rubbish is very damaging.

They must understand that it is not like that because tomorrow they too will be old. There is a generation to come after them. If they want to respect them, we should show respect to our ancestors.

We must learn to respect everyone behind the invention of cinema, from the person who invented it to where it is today. Treat them with respect.

Always consider them as teachers. Rarely, even we feel sad when we hear it. It is very sad to hear these children who came yesterday talking down to those who came so long ago.

That too, old talents are rejected just because they have done one or two films. Never do that. That’s all I have to say to the new generation.

Realistic movies haven’t started yet. Started in films like Rosie. After that came Bharatan sir, then he took George sir, Mohan sir and so many realistic film talents.

These films were known as parallel films at that time. Apart from these, there are many realistic films. An example of that is the films Adoor sir and Aravindan.

And there were films that stood in between the two. New movies are close to those movies. Realism is nothing new. But a realistic approach to acting has become a bit more now.

The old acting style has changed. Actors try to bring the way a character reacts in life to the film. Performance has changed more.

That’s where the reality is now. It wasn’t there before. At that time realistic performances were more common in Apoorvam cinema. Because of that, now the performance in the film is getting more appreciation.

Because people are tired of seeing the other. In the past, there was a closer connection between cinema and drama. Today, cinema is closer to life,” says Siddique.

Content highlight: Those who say old movies are rubbish, remember tomorrow they will be old says Siddique


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