Thousands of birds are killed in a Montana pollutant

Thousands of birds are killed in a Montana pollutant
The storm bounced the area about 35 miles west of Billings on August 11 with a diameter of up to 2 inches on wind 70 mph. There were reports of broken windows, damage to vehicles and shredded trees.

Biologists with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks discovered ducks and dead seabirds with broken wings, broken stones, internal damage and other injuries, the agency said in a statement.

Between 20 and 30 per cent of the birds were killed or injured at the lake, and some of the injured birds were not considered to have survived, the biologist Justin Paugh said in the statement. About 5 percent of the ducks and 30 to 40 percent of the pelican and cormorants show "some injury or impaired movement signal."

The agency said it was monitoring the lake because of concerns that decaying carcasses could cause botulism or other diseases that could damage the surviving birds.

Most of the dead birds are dead on the shore, according to the statement.

Lough Morne Wildlife Management Area is an nesting area for many duck species, Canada geese, duplicate cormorants, shorebirds, gulls, pellets and other waterfowl, according to the state FWP.

The shallow lake covers about 4,000 acres due to the wet spring weather, he said.

"On a positive note," Paugh said in the statement, "the lake is still covered with living and healthy water birds.


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