Thousands of ‘monster costumes’ flocked to front of house for terminal cancer children’s ‘last wish’

Alex, a terminally ill child, embraced by his father surrounded by monstrous neighbors [CTV 홈페이지]

(Vancouver = Yonhap News) Reporter Jo Jae-yong = 1,000 strangers dressed up in monster costumes and personally visited to grant the wishes of a 5-year-old Canadian boy diagnosed with terminal cancer.

According to CTV on the 28th (local time), Alexandros (abbreviated Alex) Herdeikis, who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, near Toronto, was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor earlier this month because a brain tumor had get worse. be suffering from immediately after birth.

He was diagnosed with ependymomas, a brain tumor that damages the central nervous system at the age of 10 months, and received treatment, but the treatment recently showed no effect. Now he has to implant a tube into his bronchus to breathe.

Doctors say Alex may only have a few weeks or even a few days left.

My mom Kida said, “It’s getting a little worse every day.”

Meanwhile, on the 11th, Alex expressed his strong hope “I miss the monster” as if it was his last wish for his family and friends to visit him.

In the past, his family would sometimes take him to the ‘Haunted House’ in the Niagara amusement park, and it seems that Alex has rekindled this memory. But now it was too far for Alex to go.

On hearing this, a family friend came up with the idea. “Let’s take the monster to the child instead of where the child can’t go.”

Soon after, he shared the story on Facebook and posted a message asking neighbors to dress up as a monster and find Alex. It was a request to gather on the street in front of the house as a Halloween parade two days later.

This friend said, “About 350 people showed interest at the beginning, but I thought there would be 100 or 150 people in front of the house itself.”

Although it was expected to some extent that the situation would worsen, around 1,000 people filled the road in front of the house on the day of the site. Strangers dressed as witches, wizards, werewolves, ghosts and skeletons appeared to Alex.

Alex and his parents said they almost fainted, unable to speak, when they saw them outside the house with joy and surprise.

Alex’s family said he swam through the crowd, giving high fives and taking pictures.

Kida’s mother said, “The child looked so happy. It will be a memory that will stay in our hearts forever.”

He said that Alex gets a lot of energy from looking at the pictures and videos every day after that day, and he prays that he can be with us next Halloween.

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