Threatening Ukrainians… What happened at the beauty pageant?

Rinnikova, interview with Russian media
“Under threat when the hotel was exposed on social media… I was worried about my safety”
“I tried to get close to Miss Ukra, but in vain”

Anna Lynnikova, who represented Russia at Miss Universe last January, claimed that she did not get on well with Miss Ukraine at the time of her participation and that she was repeatedly threatened by Ukrainians online. /Photo = Anna Linnikova Instagram

Anna Lynnikova, who represented Russia in the 71st Miss Universe pageant held in January, claimed that she received threats from Ukrainians during the pageant.

According to Insider on the 1st (local time), Linnikova recently admitted these difficulties in an interview with Russian media Evening Moscow.

“I was constantly threatened and insulted by Ukrainian social network users,” said Rinnikova. He said, “When the hotel I was staying in was exposed, the public threatened me and threatened me with physical violence if I went on stage.”

“Others avoided me after learning where I came from,” said Rinnikova. “Participants from Ukraine and Switzerland gave away from me.”

He also expressed regret for Miss Ukraine, who participated in the competition together. “I tried to get close to Miss Ukraine Victoria Afanasenko, but it’s a shame that he avoided me,” said Linnikova. There isn’t,” he said.

In an interview with the American media Daily Beast, Afanasenko said that it was difficult to be on the same stage as Rinakova and that she only came to take part to take a selfie. He added that Miss Russia had not said a word about the war in Ukraine.

This is not the first time that Russia and Ukraine have clashed in a beauty contest. Controversy also arose at an international beauty pageant held in Indonesia in October last year when a Ukrainian and a Russian representative were assigned to the same room. Olga Vasiliev, who was representing Ukraine at the time, protested to the organizers after sharing a room with Russian representative Ekaterina Astashenkova.

Olga was assigned a new room the next day after posting a statement on social media at the time, saying, “I was angry when I found out I had to live with someone from an aggressive country.” reporter Shin Hyun-bo

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