Three billionaire tourists buy space tickets has returned to Earth safely.

On April 25, 65, a group of space tourists “AX1” consists of three billionaires who bought a tour with the company “Axiom Space” (Axiom Space) to visit and stay at the International Space Station. (International Space Station-ISS) aboard the capsule of the space transport company “SpaceX” back to Earth safely. After the capsule landed in the Atlantic Ocean. Off the coast of Florida The end of the 17-day journey that was longer than originally scheduled.

This trip was originally scheduled for about a week, but due to unfavorable weather conditions, it was not possible to return down.

The space tourists consist of Larry Connor, a billionaire businessman who owns a real estate company. From Dayton, Ohio, Canadian investment firm Mark Pathey and Tel Aviv-based Israeli investor Ethan Stipbe each pay $55 million each. Approximately 1,870 million baht

The expedition was attended by veteran NASA astronaut Michael Lopez Alegria who served as vice president of Axium Space throughout the expedition. Since the rocket took off from the Kennedy Space Center on April 8,

This is the first time NASA open space on the international space station welcome group of tourists This is the first full-time private tour in the United States.

Last year, a Russian film production team went up to shoot a movie on the International Space Station. And after that there are Japanese businessmen and assistants. Travel aboard the space station under the supervision of Russian astronauts aboard the space station.

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