Three expatriates died in fire in Kuwait, one’s house in Keraniganj

Three expatriates were killed in a fire in the Bangladesh-inhabited area of ​​Kuwait. The incident took place at a house in Jilib Al Shueikh on Thursday (June 1) at 7 pm local time.

One of the victims has been identified. He is a resident of Keraniganj, Dhaka. His name is Mohammad Imran. The identity of the other two is not known.

Kuwait’s local media Arab Times published this news. According to the news, the fire service team rushed to the news. After a long effort, the fire was brought under control.

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Public Relations and Media Department of Kuwait General Fire Force reported that a house caught fire in Jilib Al Shueikh area on Thursday evening. Three Asians died.

The building had lots of storage, iron doors, partitioned bedrooms and corridors, the fire force said.


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