Three generations of Beckham flashed out of Ottofu’s “factory fan” second son Romeo is a Clang fan

Three generations of Beckham flashed Ottofu together, and Romeo, the second son of the “factory fan”, is a Clang fan!

C Lang’s charm can’t be blocked! Manchester United faced Arsenal at home in the Premier League a few days ago, attracting the “thinking” Beckham, along with the old Dou and the second son Romeo (Romeo), stepped into the Ottoford to watch the game. -The Romeo of hard fans were originally Clang fans, and the day after the match, they were given an “Idol” autographed shirt!


“Master Xian” returned to Ottoford to cheer for the Red Devils. (Credit: Beckham IG)

Manchester United defeated Arsenal with Ronaldo’s “Break twice” in the early hours of Friday morning and won the first victory of nearly four Premier League matches. This traditional battle was highly anticipated, and the audience also flashed stars that night. It turns out that Beckham buried Abba and Azai, and the “three generations in the same house” returned to Ottoford to cheer for the Red Devils. “Master Xian” posted “Fuxiang” on Facebook and IG yesterday. One of them was the second son Romeo holding one. A C Ronal signature shirt and a photo of a happy smile; another post is a video of Romeo using his mobile phone to shoot the game, and it also says “Romeo is Arsenal and Clang fans.”

Romeo拿著一件C朗簽名波衫、開心甜笑!(Credit : 碧咸IG)

Romeo is holding a Ronald’s signature shirt, smiling happily! (Credit: Beckham IG)

Although his father is a Manchester United passer and star, Romeo is already an Arsenal fan since he has participated in the “Arsenal” youth army training, and did not leave the team until 2015. Currently playing for Beckham’s international Miami reserve team Fort Lauderdale.


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