Three people died in Vitura Kallar; Two people were rescued Thiruvananthapuram | Kallar River | Vithura | Ponmudi | | Breaking News

Thiruvananthapuram Vattakayat Three people who took bath in Kallar met a tragic end. Safan, Firoz and Jawad, natives of Bimapally drowned. Feroze is a policeman and Jawad’s teacher in the SAP camp. The group of eight arrived in the vicinity of Kallar in the middle of their journey to Ponmudi. Four people went into the water but the woman was rescued by the locals. The three dead people fell into the pen in the river, and by the time they reached the shore all three were dead. Deceased Firoz and Jawad are brothers. Safan, who is a student, is his sister’s son.

The woman, who was rescued by the locals, had no other problems The group went from eight to two Ponmudi. Local residents say they went down in the river ignoring the signs. The bodies of the dead were shifted to Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. He will be released to his relatives tomorrow after the post-mortem. Accidents are common in Vattakayat. Police and panchayat warning boards have been put up here pointing out this.

Three people died in Kallar river, Thiruvananthapuram

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