Three people, including a couple in their 50s and a son in their 20s, found dead in Goyang apartment

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A couple in their 50s and their son in their 20s were found dead on the third floor of an apartment building in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, around 12:00 noon on the 4th.

The police received a report from Mr. B, the brother of Mr. A (a man in his 50s) who had died, ‘the brother’s family could not be contacted’, opened the door and found the family of three dead.

There were no signs of intrusion into the house by a third party.

A suicide note was found inside the house, and it is said that the content was to the effect of “don’t let the outside world know about the death.”

The police have sent their bodies to the National Forensic Service for an autopsy and are investigating whether the death was an extreme choice or whether someone in the family killed and ultimately made the extreme choice.

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