Three people were arrested with locally produced alcohol in Kuwait!| News in Malayalam

Kuwait: Liquor Seized In Kuwait: Three people were arrested in Kuwait with locally produced liquor. 830 bottles of liquor were seized from them. Mubarak Al Kabir Governmental Investigation Division arrested the accused. Money earned by selling liquor was also recovered from their hands.

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The three arrested persons along with the liquor seized from them have been handed over to the concerned departments for further legal action. A few days ago, alcohol was seized in a similar manner in Kuwait. Three expatriates were arrested with liquor that day. They were caught from two places during the checks carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The two people arrested had 98 bottles of liquor. The three arrested persons have been handed over to the relevant departments for further action along with the confiscated items. But the authorities did not release any information about who or what they were arrested for.

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He tried to smuggle narcotic pills through mail parcels seized in Kuwait

Alcoholic pills tried to be smuggled in mail parcels seized in Kuwait The air customs department seized the drugs to be smuggled in three mail parcels. 900 Lyrica pills were seized from the first parcel, 300 grams of kratom from the second parcel and half a kilo of kratom from the third parcel.

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Similarly, the authorities had also thwarted an attempt to smuggle hashish into Kuwait the other day. Customs arrested the foreigner who brought hashish in Terminal 5 of Kuwait International Airport. Hashish was seized from him hidden inside an electronic scale. After the battery was replaced, the hashish was disguised as a cigarette. He has been transferred to the Narcotics Control Unit for further legal action.

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