Three Variables Move The Taiwan Stocks Are Under Pressure | Anue Juheng

After the long-short battle last week, the Taiwan stock market challenged 18509 points during the session. Fortunately, the weekly line was still in the red. The legal person pointed out that although the Taiwan stock market has the right to support the positive outlook of TSMC (2330-TW), it is biased in the Federal Reserve. The rise of hawks, the re-intensification of the local epidemic and the shrinking trading volume have created uncertainties for Taiwan stocks.

Taiwan stocks jumped 1.29% for the week, up 233.57 points, and the average single-day turnover fell to 298.40 billion yuan.

The Taiwan stock team of Allianz Investment Trust said that Taiwan stocks can still benefit from fundamental support such as semiconductor and other technology prospects in the short term, but it should be noted that as the time series approaches the Lunar New Year holiday, it will face the future policy attitude of the Federal Reserve. Adjustments, as well as the possible actual impact on industrial operations, coupled with the variables of the epidemic, all add to future market variables.

In terms of capital, most of the three major legal persons stood on the buyer side this week. Among them, foreign capitals sold more than a small amount on Monday, and all the other four trading days bought more than Taiwan stocks, with a total purchase of over 42.432 billion yuan in a single week. 100 million yuan, only the self-sellers all stood on the seller side this week, with a total of over 15.684 billion yuan sold, and the three major legal persons bought a total of 30.849 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks in a single week.

Ye Xianwen, manager of the PGIM Prudential High Growth Fund, pointed out that due to the accelerated rate hike by the Federal Reserve, U.S. stocks took the lead in the decline, and some small and medium-sized stocks that had risen earlier were facing downward pressure.

Ye Xianwen said that although the weighted index rebounded from a low level last week, driving the weekly red and maintaining it above the averages, it was mainly supported by semiconductor weight stocks and financial stocks, and the counter-buy index was for two consecutive weeks. The line closed in black. On Friday, the index dropped to the half-year line. Although the index stabilized at the end, it still fell below the quarterly line, which also caused the monthly line to show a downward trend.

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