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In recent years, delivery opportunities have emerged. Many people choose to use 3C products to order food at home and wait for the food to be delivered. However, a Hong Kong man said with trepidation that he used pandas to order food. However, the delivery staff sent a 2-inch portrait of a girl on the meal. He asked the delivery staff and the restaurant to get no answer. At the beginning of its PO online, many netizens crooked the building, “Maybe it’s a mysterious admirer”, “It’s actually your wife who is testing you.” But then someone familiar with the matter revealed that this is a folk custom and requires men to ” I’m going to burn the photos!”

The original PO revealed on the Facebook group “Expat Hong Kong” that he ordered a meal through a panda at about 12:30 in the morning on the 18th, but when the meal was delivered, a headshot of a beautiful woman was pasted on it. The female in the photo has beautiful features, with her hair reaching shoulders, but the location where the photo is pasted is weird, and when she meets it in the early morning, it will inevitably make people feel hairy.

The anxious original PO called the restaurant to confirm, but the restaurant was confused and said that no photos of women were pasted on the meals, and he did not know where the photos came from. This made his fear in his heart risen to the next level, so he posted an article online asking for help, “Who knows who she is? What does this mean?”

At first, when the post was posted, many netizens said, “She may be your future wife”, “Turn it over to see if her phone number is on the back?” But then many insiders exposed the horror. Customs, “Usually you may have passed away and bring misfortune to another person”, “You should burn the photos immediately, I’m serious”, “This is an ancient ceremony.”

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