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Thriller! Drilling an artesian well finds a methane gas well, injures 2 workers

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Thriller! Drilling an artesian well inside a rubberwood factory Found a methane gas well, bursting into flames, killing 2 workers, the director general of the Army sent a team of geologists to inspect the area immediately.

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On October 30, 1964, the Radio Center, Mueang Krabi Police Station Received a report of a fire inside the rubber wood factory, Paradome Co., Ltd., No. 22, Village No. 2, Ban Nam Chan, Krabi Noi Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District Two people were burned and injured after being notified, so they coordinated the fire trucks of Krabi Noi Subdistrict Municipality. Krabi Municipality, Police Patrol, Mueang Krabi Police Station and the Krabi Phithak Pracharat Foundation rescue staff went to check

The scene in the courtyard of the rubber tree in the factory area Found at the site of the fire, there was a car drilling an artesian well. It is a drilling rig truck, license plate registration 89-8503 Nakhon Ratchasima, belonging to Water Group Co., Ltd., Nakorn Badan. Behind the car during the drilling platform, there was a fire from the drilled hole. The fuel is expected to be natural gas. Nearby, two male drill workers were burned and injured. Rescuers had to rush to Krabi Hospital, then firefighters tried to spray water and chemicals to extinguish the fire. but still cannot be extinguished They can only spray water to keep the fire from spreading and coordinate with the Krabi Security Guard to inspect and find a way to extinguish the fire. which is not likely to be extinguished

Initially, the workers who witnessed the incident knew that Before the incident, the factory hired an underground drilling company to drill an artesian well in order to find more water sources. But when the workers drilled about 400 meters down, sparks ignited before the fire engulfed the drill worker standing in charge of the drilling rig.

Mr. Sakda Wichiensilp, Director-General of the Department of Groundwater Resources (Royal Ground Water Resources Department), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (TAS), said that as informed There was a fire at the drilling site of an artesian well, Paradome Company Limited, located at Moo 2, Krabi Noi Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District, that the Department of Mineral Resources Send a team of geologists to investigate the area immediately. has been reported Paradom Company Limited Licensed to drill an artesian well, number 0240364-0255, well number 020364-0255, well size 100 mm. depth not more than 150 meters, factory area It is expected to be located in the Krabi basin. (Tertiary era) covering the area of ​​Muang district and above the canal. It consists of rock layers about 280-700 meters thick.

with a layer of mud There are organic contaminants, 70-200 meters thick, may be found in many layers of coal. A layer of charcoal may be found inserted at a depth of 100-400 meters. On October 26, 21, while drilling was 120 meters, a fire broke out at the borehole. Two workers were slightly injured, so they notified the municipality of Krabi Noi Subdistrict to bring fire engines to control the fire and guard the scene.

Mr. Sakda said that the assumption that The cause may be heat. and the wind that is used to drill wells to come into contact with methane gas caused by plant residues The carcasses piled up underground, causing heat to push up on the surface and set off a fire. Firefighters used water spray to maintain heat and control the fire.

It is advisable to keep an eye on the amount of methane gas for about 2 days, which is still evaporating. and set aside the area according to the principles of practice

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