Thriller! Trang, a car crashes into a curve, crashes into 8 people, 1 dead

On the last day, at Sa Kaphang Surin Road Racing, Trang, a car crashed into a corner and crashed into a spectator beside the racetrack, killing 1, injuring 8, including a 2-year-old boy with a fractured skull.

Today (3 July 2022), Pol.Lt.C.Elkak Sakchainan Deputy Superintendent of Investigation at Muang Trang Police Station Receive a report of a race car accident at the Kaphang Swimming Pool, Surin Trang smash into the audience have died And 9 people were injured, with one death being a spectator. and 8 people were injured.

One of the injured was a 2-year-old boy with a fractured skull. The child’s mother was rushed to Trang Hospital to be safe. As for the driver of the race, known as Mr. Nathakit Jangchit, 20, was seriously injured, unconscious. The officers rushed to Trang Hospital urgently.

Mr. Akaklak Rittima, one of the injured, said that during the incident, he was holding his 2-year-old grandson watching the competition in front of the house. which is on the edge of the competition At that moment, there was a racing car, ricochet crashed, both myself and my 2-year-old grandson were injured in front of the house. and another spectator will be 1 person close to each other The driver of the racer lay still on the footpath.

Another spectator said that the cars at the scene were racing. and related until they lose their balance It bounced off a distance of 20 meters until it crashed into the audience on the side of the road. because there is no protective bunker on the side of the scene And a dangerous curve that the spokesman in the field warns all the time. after an accident The police stopped the 3rd edition of the race at the scene and inspected the area.

For organizing the Krapong Road Racing 65 competition, winning a prize money of more than 400,000 baht, has returned to organize the competition again after 10 years of hiatus. It is a challenging course for racers because the roads are narrow, there are many curves, there are trees along both sides and it is an open field. and coming back to compete again

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