Thrilling, racing through the rain, hitting the edge of the expressway, flipping over the wheels pointing to the sky, luxury sports car falling over and over again

Thriller, a sedan racing through the rain, hitting the edge of the expressway, turning over the wheels pointing to the sky, a luxury sports car smashing repeatedly, revealing that the sports car driver was not there. There was a place to take her away.

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At 00.30 on 23 September, 2022, police at Expressway 1 Police Station received a report that a car had overturned, with injuries. on the Chalong Rat Expressway inbound direction Going down to Rama IX Wang Thonglang Subdistrict and District The BMA has rushed to inspect the expressway and save it. and the Ruamkatanyu Foundation

At the scene of the accident, during 8+900 B, it was a 4-lane road, 2-door racing car, brand Nissan Silvia s14, color black, license plate number 700, Bangkok. The condition of the car was reversed, the wheels were knocked down pointing to the sky in the middle of the road. Close to a luxury sports car. BMW i8, gray color, registration number Sor 6009, Bangkok, serious accident condition, front of car smashed, windshield cracked, damaged. One person was injured, the driver of a Nissan. Knowing the name of Mr. Abhisit Sinchit, 39 years old, the officer took him to Camillian Hospital.

When the friends of the injured were asked, they said that they had arranged for friends to eat in a restaurant before the incident. Area along the Ramintra Expressway Then they parted ways to go home. On the way, I got a call from a friend saying that a car had overturned on the expressway. so he rushed to travel when he arrived at the scene and found a BMW brand luxury sports car In a state of crash into a Nissan car that was overturned on its stomach. A friend said that while driving on the expressway to go home

When we got to the scene it was raining and the road was slippery. causing the car to lose control and violently crash into the barrier on the edge of the expressway The car overturned in the middle of the road. until he was injured While a friend was standing on the phone to inform the rescuers to come and help. Suddenly a luxury sports car The other party drove at speed without brakes and crashed hard. with a young man as the driver

and while waiting for the police to come to the scene Toyota Alphad was driven to pick up the teenage man from the scene immediately, claiming that he was taken to hospital first. Initially, the staff had brought a forklift to move the two vehicles out of the area. Before calling on both sides to investigate again to end the case, proceed to the next step.

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