Thrilling Victory for Fagiano Okayama in Hard-Fought Match Against Iwaki FC

Victorious Fagiano Okayama, Taking Home Crucial 3 Points

Iwaki Green Field witnessed an electrifying contest on September 3, with Iwaki FC going head-to-head against Fagiano Okayama, resulting in a gripping 2-1 victory for the visitors. Both teams exhibited remarkable vigor, with a goalless first half followed by a thrilling second-half exchange.

Thiago Alves and Eisuke Shimoda Impress

  • 50th minute: Thiago Alves stunned the spectators with a display of sheer brilliance, finding the back of the net and giving Fagiano Okayama a well-deserved lead.
  • 66th minute: Eisuke Shimoda swiftly responded for Iwaki FC, leveling the score and reigniting the flame of hope for the home team.
  • 90th minute: The final moments saw Stephen Mook clinching the much-coveted victory for Fagiano Okayama, a display of unwavering determination that left the crowd buzzing with excitement.

Takayuki Kiyama Leads the Way

Under the astute guidance of coach Takayuki Kiyama, both teams showcased exceptional offensive and defensive prowess from the start. Despite facing an unexpectedly different game plan from their opponent, Iwaki FC quickly adapted, displaying resourcefulness and determination. However, as the pressure from the opposition began to intensify, Iwaki FC found themselves struggling to control the pace. Through tenacity and strategic penalties, they managed to breach the opposition’s territory, offering a sign of relief amidst the formidable challenge.

Into the second half, Iwaki FC aimed to regain control and topple their opponent’s strategies. Unfortunately, the introduction of powerful players and tactical substitutions disrupted their rhythm, causing them to lose momentum. Thiago Alves showcased his exceptional skill and netted a goal, momentarily reestablishing Iwaki FC’s dominance. However, their joy was short-lived as they conceded a goal, leaving a sense of frustration hanging in the air.

Nevertheless, numerous opportunities were created throughout the game, and it was the unwavering defensive line that ultimately paved the way for Fagiano Okayama’s victorious goal in the dying moments. The players deserve commendation for their resilient performance and can confidently march forward towards their upcoming matches.

Stephen Mook’s Winning Goal

Stephen Mook, the hero of the match, demonstrated exceptional composure during the crucial penalty kick. Opting to kick to the right rather than engage in a tussle with the goalkeeper, Mook’s decision proved to be fruitful, securing the much-needed triumph for Fagiano Okayama. His goal symbolized the power of teamwork, as he celebrated the victory with the fans and supporters who had traveled far and wide to witness this exhilarating encounter.

Mook’s goal held immeasurable importance for the team, considering his goal drought in recent matches. Looking ahead, he aims to refine his skills further, contributing valuable goals and assists in the upcoming games.

September 3, 18:00 Kickoff @ Iwaki Green Field
Iwaki FC 1-2 Fagiano Okayama
First Half 0-0
second half 1-2

50 minutes Thiago Alves
66′ Eisuke Shimoda (Iwaki)
90 minutes Stephen Mook

■ Directed by Takayuki Kiyama
First, I would like to thank the fans and supporters who came despite the distance.
Offense and defense were in good shape at the start. The opponent’s system was different from what I expected, but it was a good start as I adapted quickly. The opposition pressure was building and we were forced to control the pace, so it was a difficult period, but we managed to take penalties and after that we were able to get into the opposition’s deep space , so it was good.
In the second half, we started to organize our thoughts and the opponent’s methods again and tried to go on to win, but the pace was lost due to the power and player changes that came out in front of the opponent. The hard time continued, but Thiago showed (high) quality and scored, and was about to take control again, but it was painful that he couldn’t push back after that and conceded a goal.
From there, we created chances, but I think our tenacious defense led to (the goal) at the end, so I would like to evaluate the players and move on to the next game.
It was a very hard game, but we got 3 very big points.

■ Stephen Mook
I kicked the PK because I thought it would be best to kick to the right instead of bargaining with the keeper.
I wanted to give back to the fans and the supporters who came all the way, and I think this is the best moment in football to win with just a few minutes left and celebrate together .I’m glad I did.
It was a valuable goal for the team to win, and it was a very important goal for me because I hadn’t scored for a while.
I want to prepare well so that I can make good goals and good help for the next week.

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