Thrissur native’s alternative to Duckworth-Lewis, BCCI offers Rs 21 lakh

Thrissur ∙ In the silver jubilee year of VJD method, the rain rule used in Indian domestic cricket, its inventor V. Jayadevan is recognized by BCCI. The VJD method was contributed by Jayadevan, a native of Thrissur, as an alternative to the Duckworth-Lewis (DL) system, which is popular worldwide, including in international cricket. As a reward for this, BCCI gave 21 lakh rupees yesterday.

The VJD method has been adapted to run fully on Android devices. A version for Apple iOS phones is also in the works. Jayadevan, a native of Kuriyachira Nehrunagar, Thrissur, developed the VJD method in September 1998. It is a method of determining the winner by evaluating the remaining overs, wickets and runs scored if the reply innings is interrupted due to conditions unfavorable such as rain during the game.

Jayadevan introduced his rain rule to the BCCI when there were widespread complaints against the DL system during the 1999 Cricket World Cup. In 2005-06, the ICC (International Cricket Council) also considered the VJD rain rule.

Jayadevan said that Brijesh Patel, who was the chairman of the IPL in 2022, got the opportunity to get the award after presenting the matter before BCCI secretary Jai Shah. 3 years ago, Jayadevan teamed up with Sportech India from Keshav Kole, a native of Karnataka and a BCCI umpire, and completely rewrote and adapted the VJD method into a new computer language.

English Summary: 25 years after developing the VJD method, Jayadevan is getting due pay from BCCI


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