“Thunder Castle”, a brutal form, compresses the “old champion”, messed up! Break into 8 teams

“Thunder Castle” Buriram United, really brutal form! Open the house to destroy the “old champion” Leo Chiang Rai United, 4-1, soaring through the final 8 teams, Chang FA Cup 2021/22

Football match Chang FA Cup 2021/22 Round of 16, Wednesday, January 19, 2022 Buriram United, the leader of the Thai League (T1), opened the Chang Arena home to welcome the visit of Chiang Rai United, the 7th team of the Thai League.

half time start Guangsong Great Disaster. Visitors enter the field in orange uniforms, white pants, yellow socks. attack from right to left The host’s thunder castle Comes in a smart dress in a pure navy color. attack from left to right of the Chang Arena Stadium, in the 7th minute, the visiting team almost got From the rhythm of the corner kick that Chinnaphat Liao headed straight up, but went to the save of Siwarak Thesungnoen, brushing off the ball, out of danger.

GOALLL!! In the 15th minute, Ayab Masika opened the ball from the left side to Jonathan Bolinki touched the ball, but the visiting goalkeeper intercepted the ball. The referee blew the penalty immediately and it was JB99 who took the penalty and didn’t miss, sending the Lightning Castle 1-0 ahead.

GOALLL!! In the 28th minute, the corner kicks Theerathorn Bunmathan plays briefly with Peeradon Chamrasamee, returning to Theerathorn. Opened the ball into the penalty area and was Rebin Sulaka headed up to score a goal for Buriram United to move away 2-0 goals.

In the 37th minute, the Lightning Castle came to get a free-kick from a distance of hope Theerathorn Bunmathan opened the ball with his left foot. enter the middle of the door But the goalkeeper of Guangsong did not miss, brushed the ball out, and then there was no more chance to win the goal. At the end of the first half, Buriram United led Chiang Rai United 2-0 goals.

Came back in the second half in the 58th minute, Chiang Rai United came to get a free-kick from the hope of Getterson Alves with the right foot. But the ball flew over the beam. Missed the door, hit the egg.

GOAL!! 60 minutes, beat the eggs, Phithiwatt Sukchitthammakul Bouncing a long ball into the penalty area, Rebin Sulaka intercepted the ball into the way Chotiphat Phumkaew, who had just entered the field, rushed into the door to make Chiang Rai. United chased 2-1.

In the 63rd minute, age Macica came up to the game on the left side. breaking the back of the visiting team to the end of the back line before flowing the ball through the mouth of the goal But the ball did not reach Micon Marquez missed the opportunity to escape the door.

GOAL!! In the 77th minute, the early captain dragged the ball from the right side to the end of the back line. Before breaking the ball back to Peeradon Jummarasami, but Gohai Kato, the visiting midfielder extracted from behind The referee blew a penalty and it was Maicon Marquez who was responsible for the penalty miss. The host moved away 3-1.

GOAL!! 90+3 minutes, close the box, Micon Marquez, relying on his unique ability, breaks out 2 players at the back. Falling into the shot at the first post, Apirak Worawong Nanatawan, the visiting team can’t accept The ball flows into the goal. The host moved away 4-1, and then there was no rhythm to win more goals. The end of the game, Buriram United opened the Chang Arena home to defeat Chiang Rai United, ready to pass through the Elephant FA Cup 2021/22 round of the 8 final teams successfully.

List of players from both teams

Buriram United: Siwarak Thesungnern (Goalkeeper), Sasalak Haiprakhon, Pansa Hemwiboon, Rabin Sulaka, Theerathon Bunmathan, Naruebodin Weerawatnodom (C) (Piyaphon Panich) Kul N.88), Peeradon Chamrasamee, Ratanakorn Maikami (Irfan Dolo 88), Maikon Marquez, Ayub Masika (Suphanat Mueantan) .73), Jonathan Bolinki (Supachai Jaidet p.42)

Chiang Rai United: Apirak Worawong (Goalkeeper), Wasan Homsaen, Gohai Kato, Brinner Enrique, Pithiwatt Sukchitthamkul (C), Felipe Dasilva Amo Rim (Chotiphat Phumkaew, N.53), Siwakorn Tiatrakul (Akarawin Sawasdee, N.80), Sanukarn Tinchom (Suriya Singmui, N.45), Apirak Worawong, Sarawu Than Inpan, Sirote Chatthong (Gateerson Alves n.45), Chinnaphat Leeo (Nitipong Salanon, n. 45)




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