Thuramukham release | The release date of Nivin Pauly’s ‘Port’ has been changed again

Nivin Pauly’s movie ‘Thuramukham’, which was based on the ‘chappa’ system that existed in Fort Kochi, has been re-released. Geethu Mohandas wrote in an Instagram post that the release has been changed. “Due to unforeseen circumstances due to legal issues, the release of the port has been postponed for a week. Due to the closure of the theater, the financial crisis and the drastic changes in the film industry over the last three years, the relentless reshuffle has disappointed film lovers, the show industry and the hundreds of people who worked for it.” Our filmmaking, our determination to get to the screen, is getting stronger and stronger with each setback and this cinematic experience will be unveiled to you on the silver screen on June 10. We stand firm in our commitment to make this possible! “

The film stars Joju George, Indrajith Sukumaran, Nimisha Sajayan, Poornima Indrajith, Arjun Ashokan, Darshana Rajendran, Sudev Nair, Manikandan Achari, Senthil Krishna and Santosh Keezhatoor.

The story of the port revolves around the protests against the ‘chappa’ system and other illegal occupations that existed in the 1940s in the Mattancherry port areas of Kochi. Nivin plays the role of Moidhu from Mattancherry and Jojo arrives as Maimoo.

The story begins in the 1920s when the new Kochi port was being built. Many people from all over the country flock to the offices of labor contractors in search of work. It’s a time when workers are fighting each other for metal tokens thrown by contractors and chimpanzees, and for a job that will get them an early date.

The port of Cochin, which later grew into a story dating back to the 1940s and ’50s, became a breeding ground for a mafia consisting of contractors, capitalists and their affiliated union leaders. It is a time when workers have to fight for their right to work and live with dignity. The port is the story of the survival of a family and a village going through these turbulent times. ‘Port’ portrays the story of two generations who are torn between good and evil, between tragedy and heroic resistance, between hope and despair.

Directed by Rajeev Ravi, the screenplay and dialogues are written by Gopan Chidambaram.

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